The other face of loneliness

The other face of loneliness

Usually, loneliness is considered negative and harmful, and is associated with sadness and despair.

Nevertheless, loneliness also presents a positive and necessary face that often goes unnoticed, obscured by the negative shadow of the fateful concept of loneliness.

The Italian writer Carlos Dossi said: "Why are many of us trying to avoid loneliness because few people feel good with themselves".

Loneliness is the best way to get closer to yourself. It is only when we are alone and only in the company of our thoughts that we can hope to know ourselves better.

When we are in the company of our friends or family, all of our attention is usually focused on their presence and the conversations we have with them. As a result, we do not mention many things that would have been interesting if we had not been in the middle of all these people.

Alone, we observe what surrounds us and we pay attention to details such as landscapes, houses, people we meet, and lots of other things.

It is important to learn to cohabit with oneself if one wants to know oneself as a person. It is an exercise that will bring us strength and self-esteem, and that will teach us to respect ourselves.

Charles Baudelaire said: "Who does not know how to populate his loneliness, does not know how to be alone in a busy crowd".

Indeed, if we can not overcome her loneliness, then she will dominate us. That is why it is important to be alone at times, to know oneself and to isolate oneself. In this way, one will strengthen oneself as an individual and one will grow as a person.

Creativity is something that develops mainly when you are alone. A musician who can not spend three hours or three days alone with himself will never be able to imagine the notes he wants to express on a staff or compose, since the creative process almost always develops when we are alone.

The German novelist and poet Goethe said of solitude: "Talent flourishes better in solitude, character is formed especially in the torments of the world."

As we can see, many intellectuals have evoked the positive face of loneliness and the benefits it offers to the individual.

Obviously, the negative connotations of loneliness can come to be serious and harmful, even very dangerous. However, it is important not to forget the benefits it can sometimes bring, and to know how to manage it.

We will end with another quote, this time signed by Brazilian writer Paul Coelho, who also summarizes the image we wanted to give you solitude throughout this article:

"A warrior of the light can choose loneliness, but he does not suffer it."

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