The movement generates movement

The movement generates movement

"The human being is not independent because the movement begins in him, but because he can inhibit the movement. To break, in short, its own spontaneity and its naturalness ".

It is by no means an article that talks about motivation. Here we want to try to convey the idea of ​​movement.

It is a writing that addresses the theme of small steps that we engage to a destiny that we know how to imagine, but that seems never to happen.

There are many reasons why we remain "static" and certain determined circumstances oblige us to remain in this state.

These are moments in which life seems to stop and our dreams seem very far and impossible, given what we see from our window.

It is obvious that we are all fighting for something or for someone (or for both things) but how do we recognize that we have arrived at the place where we wanted to arrive?

Apparently, there are several signals that show us.

In fact, it seems that happiness is an ephemeral and fleeting emotion that is diluted in the moment during which our head tells us: "yes but …". This sadness, all things considered, is also necessary to appreciate the good times.

Every step is necessary

Any decision involves giving up something and perhaps there will always be in us the doubt of what would have happened had we followed the path we have abandoned.

But … and if that path we left behind was a necessary crossing to get to where we are today?

It seems that we are used to working for goals. That's why when we finish a project satisfactorily, we feel happy and fulfilled.

However, soon after our spirit sabotages us with new doubts and worries that make us ask ourselves questions …

We wonder if this has really been a success or an important step in our lives or if on the contrary, it is simply an abortive trial.

One day will we feel really good with ourselves?

Yes, movement is important, but excessive movement to reach an abstract goal becomes obsessive and harmful to self-esteem. It can also affect our worldview and relationships.

Every little step we take is important.

There are many reasons why we believe that chance is the result of small actions that we have achieved.

In most cases, we did not know where we were heading. These are just crumbs of bread that we left behind without really realizing it.

Believe us, each step has been decisive in the process of our life.

We often say that life spends its time turning around and turning things around, but in reality, it only turns if we turn it around.

From the couch of our living room, it is impossible to change our world, but it is also impossible to reach what is called fate, if the demand that we have of ourselves is exaggerated and disproportionate. In fact, as usual, the secret lies in the balance.

Now, think of all those things you never thought would happen. How did they arrive? These are successes we have achieved and it is never good to denigrate.

Movement is the stage of the power of acts

There are many things we want to do that stay in our thoughts for fear of taking action.

We are projecting ourselves into a catastrophic future full of insecurities, irreparable damage and anticipated failures.

This happens before the small movements needed and also in the face of the great challenges of life.

In the first case, there is a solution: do it. Faced with the second, there is another: be patient and keep your feet on the ground.

So, in the face of excessively difficult challenges, it is possible that you fail in the short term and maybe life consists of small approximations.

You will notice that you will have a thousand excuses for not doing so and your fears will look for reasons to support your hypothesis but have you really tried?

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