The Miracle Morning, the method for better success in life

The Miracle Morning, the method for better success in life

We all want to succeed in all areas of our lives. We may want to have a better relationship with our spouse. Or dream of more free time to do what we really like. Our greatest desire may be to have an iron health. Although there are many methods to help us, one of the most notable is that of Miracle Morning. In this article, we will see what this attractive name strategy is.

The Miracle Morning, also known as SAVERS method, was created by the American author Hal Elrod. This writer has had an experience that completely changed his life. After a traffic accident, his heart stopped for six minutes. Even though he eventually woke up, one of his after-effects was a six-day coma. His condition was so severe that the doctors did not think he would walk again.

However, against all odds, the state of Elrod has improved. From that moment, his life consisted of teach others what he had learned during his experience. His secret? It is very simple. For him, the key to success is to follow a proper morning routine.

What is the Miracle Morning Method?

This system that seeks to promote personal development is based on the following idea: the first hours of the day are fundamental to our well-being. Depending on what we do with it, the rest of our day will change completely. For example, if we read our WhatsApp messages or emails as soon as we open our eyes, we will probably find it much harder to focus on important tasks.

Spend the first moments of the day thinking about our goals will help us live our life more fully. The method Miracle Morning therefore seeks to make the most of these early hours. To achieve this, you only have to follow the SAVERS system which, in reality, conceals an acronym:

  • S ofsilence(silence)
  • A ofafirmation(Affirmation)
  • V ofvisualization(Visualization)
  • E ofexercise(exercise)
  • R ofreading(reading)
  • S ofscribing(writing)

According to Hal Elrod, doing these six activities as soon as we get up will radically change the way we live. To do this, he recommends to advance his alarm clock of one hour. Of course, for many people, it is difficult to get up even earlier than the usual time but, if the methodMiracle Morningyou are interested, we will describe each of these activities.

1. Silence

The first thing Elrod recommends when we get up is to immerse ourselves in a quiet and quiet environment.Silence will allow you to orient yourself once you are awake.It will allow you to remember your purpose. To properly perform this exercise, you will need to spend your first five minutes of consciousness in a place that is not your bed. During this time you can do different activities:

  • Meditate
  • Breathe deeply
  • Think about what you want to achieve

In this way, instead of waking you anxiously,you will set the basics of your daily well-being.

2. Affirmation

The second activity of the methodMiracle Morningshould not take more than five minutes either. It's about using the affirmation forimprove your self-esteem and feel good about yourself.

Assertions are sentences that we repeat internally with the intention of changing the way we think. Their content is normally related to beliefs that we want to instill in our minds. For example, we can repeat that we are able to cope with a particular difficulty. If we do it enough times,these affirmations will eventually become part of our subconscious.

You can also use affirmations to reflect on what you want to achieve in your life.So, you will start your day with a clearer goal.And it will be much easier for you to focus on tasks that are really worth it.

3. Visualization

Visualization is one step above affirmations. This technique is widely used in some types of therapy. The idea isto imagine a situation in the future where you will have achieved everything you want to achieve.How do you feel? What would you do? What did you do to get to this point?

The key to visualizing correctly is that the generated images motivate you. The scenes must also be credible. If you imagine something too complicated, your brain will reject it. This can cause the opposite effect and make you feel bad. However, if you do it well,visualizing for five minutes can transform your life.

4. Exercise

If you could only choose an activity proposed by theMiracle Morningit should probably be this one. Play sportsbrings you physical and mental benefits:getting in the habit of doing so will change your life.

The excuse of most people for not exercising is lack of time. This makes sense, especially if you need to sign up for a gym, run for an hour on a carpet and then do some weight training. Gold,there are many more options.Instead of feeling like a hamster trapped in a wheel, why not try yoga at home by following a tutorial on the Internet? Or, if you prefer a more intense sport, you can always look for daily exercises to develop your muscles while staying at home.

In less than 20 minutes,you can train your body and record all the benefits of a longer session.

5. Reading

Reading is one of the healthiest habits for our mind. For example, one study reports that the majority of the presidents of large multinationalsread an average of 50 books a year.Even if you do not have to reach this extreme, including this activity in your morning routine can do wonders.

The author of the methodMiracle Morningrecommend reading for about 20 minutes. Elrod calculates that, during this time, one can read an average of 10 pages. But if you repeat this activity daily,after one year you will have read 18 books of about 200 pages.

It is important to choose what you read. If you can,choose something that inspires you and nurtures a positive attitude.In this way, your motivation will be much higher throughout the day.

6. Writing

Finally, Elrod recommends spending the last 5 minutes of your morning routine atwrite a diary.You can write down your ideas, worries, dreams or use it to evaluate your progress in different areas of your life.

Keeping a diary is one thing we all thought about. But few people actually do it. However, if you try to do it,you will find that you will be more focused on what you really want.In addition, it can help you remember the good things you have experienced when you go through a bad phase.

Starting the day on a good foot generates positive inertia for all the hours that follow. You have just discovered theMiracle Morning,which offers six activities to add to your morning routine.The key is to take the first step.Where will you start? Which activity attracts you the most?

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