The mental strategy to get what you want

The mental strategy to get what you want

The "law of attraction" and its derivatives say that we must imagine something with all our strength, act as if we had obtained it, and "the universe" will make sure that we get it.

In fact, what anchors this theory in reality is to fix all our thoughts on a concrete objective, so as to put all the means at our disposal to reach it.

What we have just said is not false, but rather incomplete, which is why many people feel frustrated when they apply the law of attraction and nothing happens.

Although not followers of this theory, in this article we will try to facilitate the path that leads us to what we desire. The key is to think beyond what we want to get, and how we want to get it.

The human mind is extraordinarily complex, and it often formulates restrictive thoughts as "interesting proposition, but I do not think I can do it", "I do not think I'll get there in time," and so on.

Here are some examples of restrictive thoughts that run through our mind, and that bring us so much frustration.

We often forget that we all have something fundamental: imagination and creativity.

Using these two resources, we could get what we want, or at least imagine how we could get it, as we would for a project we want to develop.

This is the hardest part because the important thing is not the destination, but the path that leads us to it, and how we travel it. This philosophy allows us to learn more about ourselves and our resources.

The way is key, because if we do not reach our goal today, we have at least tried, we learned things by trying, and we will continue to try.

The second part corresponds to what the sage declares in the film The peaceful warrior : ” take out the garbage. "It refers to restrictive thoughts and fears, sometimes unfounded, that pollute our mind,and which prevent us from conquering what we desire.

If we are aware of this, and strive to combat this pattern of thought, we grow inwardly, and fears will become more and more rare until we disappear completely to leave us free to act.

The last key elementis living all the time (or as much as possible) in the present, "here and now".This will help us enjoy this part of the trip and free us from fears about what might happen during the rest of the trip.

This is a strategy that we propose, but it is obvious that everyone must adapt it to their own person, their resources and their objectives.Ultimately, the most important thing is to drive out those thoughts that paralyze us.

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