The meaning of "I love you" at every step of the relationship

The meaning of “I love you” at every step of the relationship

The famous "I love you" often marks the beginning of a great romance and the end point of a break. It is obvious that in a relationship, depending on the period one goes through, these words can mean many different things.

It's certainly not the same thing to say "I love you" for the first time, than to say it when it's been a year since we've been with our spouse.

Why so many meanings for "I love you"?

Two people who have a relationship grow together in parallel. In her personal development, each one of them encounters new situations that have repercussions on her life and therefore on the couple.

As a result, the meaning of "I love you" evolves according to the evolution of the relationship and the people who constitute it.

It is obvious that there is something immutable when we pronounce these words because we want to direct them to a particular person.

No matter how we tell them, their importance and their magic must be maintained throughout the relationship, in an important position.

So what does "I love you" mean at every step?

– Two months: I like how everything goes. In a long-term, stable relationship, two months is a very short distance.

The beginning is the moment when we feel the most in love, since we have just discovered this special person with whom we want to start such an exciting project.

Saying "I love you" after two months means that you feel that what you live will last forever. However,i we are realistic, we know that everything does not last forever, let alone a relationship that has just begun.

It is worth emphasizing that this first step, which many of us call personal immaturity, is specific to youth and the fact that we did not have many relationships.

We confuse the way we love someone throughout our lives and we say "I love you" instead of an intense "I like you".

We invite you to think before using these two important words in your vocabulary. Look inside you. So you You can avoid emotional misunderstandings and do no harm to the person you are starting to like or not.

Five months: You are important. Studies say that we are in the last days of the first stage of love. Saying "I love you" at this time may mean that "You are important in my life" and "I would like to find a place for your heart in mine".

It's obvious that we still feel an uncertainty and many doubts or fears. A time less than 6 months do not assume something very clear. That's why saying "I love you" at this time means you have butterflies in your stomach, but maybe not in your heart yet.

– Six months: We are so good when we are together. At this point, the two can not stop thinking about each other. You adore everything he or she does, and his / her points in common with you. You like the way he or she expresses his love for you: photos, letters, etc.

"I love you " means a lot more than you've been feeling for three months. With these words, you want to say: I like the way this person makes me feel. You are happy because you feel that you are part of her life and she of yours.

– Seven months: It's up to us. There is a nice comparison: "to love someone is like changing your city ". You will find that everything makes sense because in a relationship, the more time passes, the more the mutual feeling grows.

When we say "I love you" at this stage, it's because we really mean what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine.

From now on, this "I love you" is something shared, like everything that takes place in the relationship.

– Ten months: You are my best friend. It's now you see your relationship in a natural way. When you are separated from your half, you do not feel comfortable.

At the moment, "I love you" has a much more serious connotation. It does not matter if you say it after a joke or by SMS, the meaning has the same importance.

If you were asked at this time, you would only say that your spouse is a great person. You could also say he or she is your best friend.

This kind of "I love you" goes beyond what he or she wants to offer you or what you want to offer. It is when the word "love" begins to enter our inner language and our heart.

– One year: You are my life. What you live in your relationship is an unconditional and pure love. If you were asked how you feel, you would surely answer that "you can not imagine life without him or her.

At the moment, "I love you " is much more permanent because you do not ask yourself who feels the most feelings and you do not worry if the other feels the same as you.

You feel safe and in a comfortable situation. Saying "I love you" to this person opens you and makes you feel fulfilled with it.

– Two years: I think about the future. "I love you" at this stage means "I love what you are and I will love what you will become".

Obviously, this meaning makes sense when you have a feeling of confidence. When the two are united, nothing is impossible or scary.

Three years, when both live together: Marry me. "I love you" means that you want the love you feel for her / him to be something permanent.

You want to share everything with the person you love. A life full of tenderness, trust, wisdom and most importantly, mutual learning.

At these moments, "I love you" can be a little shorter. With these words, you surely want to say "You are everything I love"because that's really what your heart and soul means.

– Four years, marriage and official compromise: You dream with your eyes open. One of the most beautiful experiences that every human being lives is to love and be loved by the corresponding person. Love is everything.

Feeling the true love of the other person to your heart and matching him unconditionally has no name or smell.

Look no further because you touch the "nirvana" emotional. Many people will tell you that you are lucky and others will show you jealousy.

What we have explained throughout this article is what is usually happening in couples who evolve, but it is important to be aware that each couple has needs and their own pace.

Many, for example, may be stuck at certain stages, which requires more time or emotional tools to work the relationship.

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