The Marquis de Sade's thought on sexuality

The Marquis de Sade's thought on sexuality

He has spent 30 years in prison, has been sentenced to death (guillotine), his writings are among the books cursed by the church, and he has been accused of murder and perversions. It's only part of the life of the Marquis de Sade. Do you dare to know him better?

His full name was Donatien Alphonse François de Sade and he was the son of wealthy parents. He was born in Paris in 1740, was a philosopher and writer. He has written some very famous works, such as: Justine or the Misfortunes of Virtue, The 120 Days of Sodom, The Crimes of Love and Aline and Valcour, among others.

Sexuality and the Marquis de Sade

If we remember the Marquis de Sade, it's good for his ideas on sexuality. At the end of the 18th century, he introduced a new concept of sexual pleasure, which in his day was understood as an incitement to crime and perversion.

"Let us give indistinctly to all that passions inspire us, and we will always be happy. Let us despise the opinion of men: it is only the fruit of their prejudices. "

The society of the time was criticized by the Marquis de Sade in his works by his cynicismbecause it inculcated in women the idea of ​​decency and the need to understand sex as something wrong, while considering prostitution as a way to allow men to satisfy their sexual needs.

For many people, the Marquis de Sade was a madman who wrote about sex in a macabre way. When he began publishing his writings, he was considered a cursed writer and his works were hidden for years.

Today, when we think of Sade, we associate him with "sadism", which is a sexual practice: enjoying pleasure from physical pain, from yourself or from someone else. It is associated with Sade with all the perverse that represents, but Sade was much more than that.

The life of a unique person

Let's not forget that the Marquis de Sade was a great scholar in his day. He has received a privileged education and exotic travel has fascinated him. He devoured books of philosophy and history, which were his two favorite subjects.

It was the Abbé de Sade who took care of his education, and he was a fan of libertinage and Voltaire. At age 23, he was married to a high-society woman named Renee Pelagie, from whom he was not in love. In fact, in his book Aline and Valcourhe talks about this arranged marriage.

"Modesty is a chimera; the only result of manners and education is what is called a mode "

He spent most of his life in prison because of the abuse and torture he inflicted on women. In these accusations, the society of the time had a heavy weight. The aversion his father-in-law felt for him, too.

Sexual freedom

Despite all his ideas of the Marquis de Sade and his association with perversion, his works encourage sexual freedom, in the sense that we must take advantage of our own sexuality, beyond modesty and the limits that culture and education impose on us.

The works of Sade can be studied from many points of view: social, political, psychological, moral, anthropological, historical, literary … But, in all cases, the words he uses are loaded with irony and metaphors, in order to awaken the minds of his readers.

The reality is that Sade was not a mere porn writer, he was a political critic who was appreciated by the authors of later years, like the surrealists. His work is really a general pamphlet against the aristocracy of the time.

Sade offers moral freedom in its most extreme aspect and combines two fundamental ideas : the equality of individuals and radical selfishness based on the idea that we are born in society and that we are condemned, which prevents us from having direct links with other individuals.

Thus, the Marquis de Sade had avant-garde ideas, given the time in which he lived. That's why we tried to silence him for a long time, even long after he died. And today, it still arouses as much curiosity because it is one of the most irreverent and astonishing characters in history.

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