The magic stone, a story about mental blindness

The magic stone, a story about mental blindness

Here is an old story about mental blindness that has lit up many generations.It is said that in a distant land inhabited by wise men, there were several alchemists.One of them wanted to discover the philosopher's stone. Legend has it that this stone was able to turn any metal into gold.

The alchemist did not want to get rich. He wanted to win a challenge that no one could solve.He spent his days and nights studying the mysteries of nature. Several years passed. The story of mental blindness tells us that after 13 years, the alchemist achieved his goal.

At first he was fascinated by his discovery. He had managed to find the Philosopher's Stone, something no one had managed to do before him. Since he had achieved his goal, he was no longer interested in stone.During a trip, without hesitation, he threw her on the edge of a path. She did not interest him anymore. Someone else find it!

"You have more qualities than you think, but to know if your coins are gold, you have to roll them, circulate them Spend your treasure".

-Gregorio Marañón-

The first step in history on mental blindness

The news reached the ears of some inhabitants of the country.The rumor began to circulate. It spread to another distant country, where a man complained deeply about his poverty and loneliness.When he knew that the alchemist had abandoned the philosopher's stone on a common path, he could no longer sleep.

Every night he imagined what his life might look like if he could find the famous stone.He would have no need and no longer live in solitude. Everyone knows that rich men have many friends and are appreciated by everyone around them.

The man concludes that this was the great chance of his life.Whatever the price to pay, he was ready to search for and find the philosopher's stone. Driven by this desire, he put his personal belongings in a bag and began a long journey at dawn. It took two months to reach the land of wise men and, once there, began to look for the stone.

A difficult journey

The man began his search in the northern part of the country. He walked all day until he fell tired.He picked up all the stones he saw on the road and then rubbed them against the buckle of his steel belt.After waiting a moment and if nothing happened, he continued on his way.

The crossing was really difficult.He sometimes found hundreds of stones in the same pile. The man had to try them all.Some days he could not even walk a mile or two. But the story about mental blindness tells us that this man was more than determined to achieve his goal.

Days passed, then weeks and months.Without even noticing it, the man for eight years.He sometimes looked like a robot. He always did the same thing: look at the floor, look for stones and rub them one by one.

The lesson of the stone

One day, as he walked and repeated the same gestures, he felt tired. He decided to sit down to rest in the shade of a beautiful tree.Suddenly, he looked at the buckle of his belt and his eyes lit up: it had turned into gold. He could not believe his eyes.He jumped for joy and danced, shouting "I have succeeded!

However,he had not realized when his belt buckle had changed to gold. This may have happened recently. Or a long time ago.The philosopher's stone could perhaps act instantly. The fact is he did not know it. What stone had created this effect on the metal? He remained frozen. Then he looked behind him and saw several piles of stones he had just tried. What was the miraculous stone?

He realized then that he had not paid attention to what he had been doing for a long time.He performed the same tasks mechanically, being tired and without much hope. This had prevented him from seeing the miracle that had occurred.

He was on the right path and at the same time he was lost. The story about mental blindness comes to an end by telling us thatthe path that leads us to seek happiness in an external thing is arduous and ungrateful, just like the path that is traveled without paying attention.

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