The key to happiness

The key to happiness

Happiness is at hand. We are not talking here about the fleeting, instantaneous happiness that comes to the fore when you reach the goals you set for yourself, but rather the true happiness thatlies in the simple little pleasures,although it may seem like a utopia.

We are used to considering things as acquiredthat's why we believe that getting something new will give us pleasure.

Without realizing it, the consumer society has put in our minds that happiness and possession are synonymous. She repeats it to us all the time in commercials and films that sell us this material happiness: to have a new car, a beautiful house, the latest fashionable dress, and so on.

The reality is far from all that. Although money helps to take advantage of these material goods and we feel a sense of joy when we use something we love, this pleasure lasts only one time.

Imagine that you just bought the latest mobile phone model that just came out on the market, you enjoy it for a few months, but this state is only temporary. Soon you will need the new model to feel satisfied because you will already be tired of your phone.

The pleasure that comes from material things is fleeting and ambitious,because you will never be completely satisfied, and will have the impression that you always need to have more.

On the other hand, the satisfaction that has its source in emotions is not transitory. It has been proved that Steady happiness is in the world of emotions.

A rich person, who does not have good friends or a good partner, will be much less happy than a poor person who enjoys a rich social life, who receives affection, support, and who evolves in a good environment.

We are social beings by nature,and although some people need it more than others,our happiness is directly proportional to the degree of emotional satisfaction we feel.

Some people, when sad, adopt a paradoxical behavior that leads them to isolate themselves from the outside world, thinking that their misfortune is due to the fact that their economic situation is bad. It is normal that if we do not have enough money to meet our basic needs, misfortune awaits us because it is a matter of survival, but isolating oneself from one's surroundings only makes matters worse.

The only thing that can help us out of difficult times is sociability,be it offered by friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, etc. It does not matter who it comes from as long as that person brings you a frame of understanding and support.

How many people burdened by the problems take refuge with their best friends while being able to continue to live normally? Conversely, people who are alone or poorly-rounded find it harder to cope with their problems.

We need others to be happy.Try to surround yourself with good people, and enjoy life by sharing it with others. It does not matter if you do not have a Porsche in your garage, or a big house with a garden,for material goods do not feed your soul.

Thousands of people have tried to find happiness in material possessions, but instead they have found nothing but a gaping void in their hearts.

Life is worth living only if we share it with people who are worth it.

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