The island of cats

The island of cats

Cats have a mysterious air, and they are little deities who like to be admired and brooded with attention. You may have one of those faithful little companions who bring you companionship and always seek to be with you to relieve you of your concerns.

In Japan, the admiration of these felines reaches a higher degree. Traditional Japanese beliefs consider that felines are animals that attract luck.

They are respected, loved and admired. So, it is not surprising thatthere is a whole island dedicated exclusively to cats, to worship them.

Symbols of luck

Indeed, cats are the representation of luck, happiness and abundance. For the Japanese, they are very special beings. For example, in big cities, more and more spaces are dedicated to cats.

These are recreation and care centers where people can come whenever they want to spend a few moments with cats and admire them.

The Japanese have very intense work days, their lives are very work-oriented and their homes have very little space to accommodate a cat.

These centers offer a small moment of personal happiness, where you can feed, play and give affection to small cats. It sounds sad but each society is structured so that there is always a kind of deficiency or necessity.

Pampering a cat and feeling close to him may be a way for the Japanese to forget their worries for a few moments.

Tashiro, the island of cats

Tashirojima, is a small island of Miyagi. A hundred people live there, and take care of cats as true Gods. In the past, this small island was dedicated exclusively to the creation of silkworms, an activity that can a little, has revealed a rat epidemic.

To control this plague, the inhabitants of the island began to bring cats. the pests were eradicated and the island quickly became a real paradise for cats.

The inhabitants of Tashirojima fed and cared for cats with great devotion. Soon, the news spread and immediately attracted the attention of the rest of the country. The tourists did not wait to arrive by boat!

The admiration was so great that no one doubted the necessity of building a shrine to worship them. Therefore the island is quickly converted into one of the favorite destinations of the Japanese. It became a place where people can relax, walk and spend time with the cats of the island.

It may seem odd to you, but each culture lives its beliefs and needs in a particular way. These are rarities that are gradually spreading to the West.

Indeed, there are already many places in Europe where we can for example have a coffee while lavishing caresses to a cat. For many people, there is nothing simpler and more comforting!

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