The intolerance to frustration, a delayed emotional bomb

The intolerance to frustration, a delayed emotional bomb

Frustration is a feeling of helplessness, an emotional response that arises when certain desires and expectations can not be fulfilled.

Just like hate, frustration is one of the most common human emotions, which, if not well managed and even surpassed, results in a continuing sense of disappointment.

Failure to resolve feelings of frustration can lead to demotivation and the abandonment of any goal and project on all levels of our lives.

It is clear that life is not easy and that the ability to control the bad passes that fate has prepared us requires patience. However, do not give up at the first sign of frustration.

Why is it so important to learn to tolerate frustration?

Like all emotions, frustration must be controlled and channeled in a positive way, so that the person is able to face the difficulties and limitations that are presented to him every day.

It is important to remember that frustration in itself is a passing feeling, a state of uncertainty that does not define us as an individual..

We must understand that going through a frustrating situation is not a failure, and that developing tolerance for frustration is part of a learning process that begins in childhood and never ends.

What are the causes?

The intolerance to frustration depends mainly on these elements:

  • The individual has a distorted perception of the situation in which he liveshe sees only the negative side of things.
  • The person tends to want to control everything in his daily lifeand the impossibility of maintaining control creates a sense of discouragement.
  • Similarly, the individual feels unable to cope with the discomfort of coping with the difficult situations of life..

People who learn to tolerate frustration live with less stress because they are able to see in any problem an opportunityand, therefore, they can more easily find adequate solutions.

How to handle frustration

Any human being felt frustrated at one time or another, and even if the frustration is a sensation that is difficult to eliminate completely, with a little patience it is possible to learn how to control it.

For this, we must:

  • Become aware of the type of feeling andemotion that frustration generates in us and analyze them.
  • Learn to assimilate the fact that desires are not necessities who demand an immediate solution.
  • Recognize that perfection does not existand being absurdly demanding with oneself fosters frustration and paralyzes productivity and the ability to be creative.
  • Control negative impulses that are harmful to the goals and emotional stability of the individual. Remembering the negative consequences these impulses have caused in the past allows the person to learn not to make decisions too quickly as a result of frustration.

Tolerance of frustration is a quality that needs evolution and a lot of patience. Although some situations may cause some problems in the present, the satisfaction of overcoming difficulties, in the long run will be infinite.

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