The influence of colors on our emotional states

The influence of colors on our emotional states

Our impulses and our human feelings are influenced not only by our experiences of every moment, but also by many other factors which can also have an influence on our emotional states, such as colors or the chromatic environment.

Colors have a great influence on our mood, and this is especially true for children.

We began to study the psychological effects of colors from the 18th century. Then, over the years, different disciplines began to study their influence.

The effects of chromatic objects on emotions can be separated into two categories: direct influences, and indirect influences.

Choose colors according to mood

If one of the most influential factors on emotions is light, colors are associated with different moods. The color palette can be separated into several sections, one of which is the hot and cold colors.

The warm colors, namely red, orange, yellow and their variants, are the most vibrant colors, unlike the cold colors that are shades of gray and dark blues, black, etc.

Red is considered an antidepressant color. It is the strongest in the whole chromatic range, and generally it is associated with concepts such as passion, love, energy, vitality, etc.

Red can cause palpitations and increase blood pressure, but also desire and excitement. This variety of tones is recommended for people who often lack morale, and who suffer from demotivation, depression, anxiety or loneliness; since red can help them get better.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for peace and quiet, then it is green that you need, color associated with lowering of nervous tension. It is therefore ideal for people who are frequently subject to stress, but also to nature, which can lead to a feeling of freshness.

In addition, you can create a serene and calm atmosphere by combining green with pastel or light colors.

Each color is not only associated with a mood, but also often used in the implementation of techniques of relaxation and meditation practiced for centuries like Feng Shui.

This kind of philosophy preaches the particular energies of each color, which gives rise to different moods and influences depending on the person. Decorative colored objects can also create an atmosphere of harmony.

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