The inferiority complex

The inferiority complex

In psychology, "complexes" are very frequently studied. Nowadays, there are complexes of all kinds; starting from the "Brummel complex" (tendency to dress in an extremely elegant way), up to "Little Red Riding Hood syndrome" (punctual submission, although wolves roam around).

In reality, these classifications serve more to stick labels than to give real explanations about who you are and what you do.

Initially, there were only two complexes defined by psychoanalysis: the Oedipus complex and the Castration complex. However, many others followed, including the famous "inferiority complex", observed by Alfred Adler in the early twentieth century.

The complex hugs and encloses us

To avoid digging too far and complicating things, let's start with a very simple definition. A complex is an irrational or distorted thought that we have about ourselves. And as contradictory as it may seem, we believe it hard and act according to these thoughts, as if they were true.

Everything becomes more interesting when we look at the etymology of the word. "Complex" comes from the Latin "complete "which means "to kiss" or "to enclose".

Thus, if we stay on this idea, we could say that the complex represents an invisible force in which we are imprisoned, a force that runs through our whole body and "encloses" us.

When a person suffers from an inferiority complex, she is convinced that she is worse than the others, smaller, weaker, less useful, less capable, less courageous.

A question then arises: How did this idea come to mind? Does she really think of such things or is she "shut up" in the eyes of others?

The vicious circle

If the problem was based solely on the opinion of others, then it would be more easily surmountable because opinions come and go.

However, a person who suffers from inferiority complexes is in pain. She acts unconsciously and desperately, either to reinforce the meager opinion she has of herself, or to prove herself wrong.

This concerns all those who embark on risky or overly ambitious projects and inevitably fail. There are also those who never dare or believe in advance that they will fail.

Here, there is no question of giving a magic formula to regain self-esteem, or formulas that do not solve anything such as "repeat yourself 40 thousand times before an ice cream that you are beautiful, brave, intelligent and talented ".

We suggest you take some time to think about these points:

• Are your flaws or the attitude you are trying to adopt in front of others that prevents you from being the person you would like to be?

• Do you involve yourself in situations that meet your aspirations or would you like something else?

• What do the concepts of humility and honor resonate in you? … Are you like "I'm worse than those idiots who criticize me"? Or maybe "I'm born to suffer and I'll never get better"? …

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