The indifference of passive-aggressive people

The indifference of passive-aggressive people

Passive-aggressive personalities usually hide behind an apparent depression. They are fragile and seem to need help but, behind this image, we find deliberate behaviors that pretend to be accidental. Attitudes that aim to make you feel bad.The indifference of passive-aggressive people is one of the many weapons they skilfully handle.

They are people who live in deep resentment and passively punish anyone near them.They are impossible to manage on a communicative level.They do not know how to express themselves or have any intention to do so; however, they are able to accumulate a lot of rage and anger contained in silences.

What is a passive-aggressive personality?

Passive-aggressive respond to a type of personality thatfocuses exclusively on the negative aspects of their lives and the lives of others.They are unable to get involved in personal relationships. They are extremely sensitive to criticism and they show a rather bad mood. Their complaints are endless and no solution to their problems, real or imaginary, seems good to them.

They rarely have intimate friends. They maintain an almost exclusive relationship with family members who are dear to them. In general, they are very cautious about their relationships with others and lack social skills. Others are still guilty of their frustrations.They know how to handle all the buttons of those who are near them to inject their venom.

Many of them thinkthat others do not give them the attention they deserve.They need to benefit constantly. They think that they are not valued enough and that, in the majority of cases, they are treated unfairly.

These people usually forget their obligations and avoid commitments. When they can not, they dramatize a greater effort than the task really demands. Moreover, the favors that they do ask them a great sacrifice.

Indifference in passive-aggressive people

Passive-aggressive people have a lot of trouble maintaining a debate with someone.They have no assertive abilityand are afraid of being rejected by others because of their opinions. They feel comfortable when the conversation revolves around other people; in this context of communication, they "feel safe".

Silence and sarcasm are the two pillars of the indifference of passive-aggressive people.They avoid getting involved in group activities because they feel a great disregard for the talent of others. They prefer to judge them from a distance, without intervening, to avoid being judged in their turn.

The indifference of passive-aggressive people is a form of revenge and manipulation that creates a great malaise in those who suffer. This is a type of interaction that causes great mental tension.They subject people around them to aggressive silence and hidden mistreatment.Their victims are entering an endless cycle of conjecture over the lack of clear answers.

The sole objective ofthe indifference of passive-aggressive people is to make you feel bad for the weight they carry.They can make you feel guilty for something they themselves have done or to hide an unhealthy craving for them. They are people who wear everyone, literally.

Passive-aggressive victims

Their main victims aregenerous people who are attracted to the image that passive-aggressive offer them.A passive-aggressive always says he needs help and protection.

This type of personality does not like others to handle situations. At the same time, he is able to blame others for their lack of control. They are often people "who need to be needed" who fall into their nets. People who feel good while needing others. It is with them that the passive-aggressive become stronger. Their silences and indifference can last for days.And if you ask them why they do it, they'll tell you it's just the fruit of your imagination.

Sadly,Passive-aggressive people have little chance of change.It must be said that they come from family environments where passive-aggressive attitudes dominated.

These are the models they have. That's why it's so difficult to see them change. They learned that passive manipulation was the only way to have a position of power in their relationships.

How to deal with the indifference of passive-aggressive people?

The wisest advice (when it is possible to follow it) is to get as far away as possible from this type of people; however, there are times when we can not choose this option.We have not chosen all the people who are in our lives and we can not move away as we would like.There are many cases of mothers, fathers and relatives who are addicted to these personalities.

The only way to interact with passive-aggressive without the slightest risk is to not give in to control.You must know how to set limits and not be trapped by their indifference and bitter criticism.We have to fall back on ourselves and recognize that someone full of deficiencies is hiding behind this poisoned armor. Someone who seeks above all to project his frustration on others. It is necessary to act in this way and to protect oneself in order to avoid falling into the same state as these people.

Keeping calm is the best possible weapon against a passive-aggressive.It seeks to control you and make you feel bad to relieve momentarily his own malaise. The best way to stay calm is to see them as frightened children with an excessive ego. Because that's what they are.

Finally, you have to know that there issome controversy about the inclusion or otherwise of passive-aggressive personality disorder in different diagnostic manuals.

Aggressive passive disorder: living in ambiguity

This disorder is much more common than we might think, but hard to detect because people who suffer from it go unnoticed. Learn more
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