The importance of humility

The importance of humility

"Destiny is player. It puts us sometimes in the situation of others, to teach us humility. "
– Olivier Lockert –

Over the centuries, humility has become a virtue.

Today, this virtue is still highly valued. We can see this especially when, for example, the leaders of a country are doing an improvement exercise.

Humility is not stupidity, but simplicity in greatness.

However, success and success can change some people and pervert the qualities that allow them to be grateful to those around them.

We can therefore ask ourselves what are the characteristics that define a humble person, not only when he is in an unfavorable situation, but especially when he accumulates successes and lives in an easy way.

How are the humble people?

– The most obvious trait of these people is thatthey are strongly committed and involved in one aspect of their lives.

– They do not seek success, nor fame, but fame and talent in what they do,whether they are sculptor, housewife or doctor.

– They seek to improve the lives of others and do not boast of it. They focus more on the process than on the result, by being receptive to possible changes on the way.

– Their indications, requests or requests are not constrained,but of authority open to criticism and improvement.

– They listen carefully to others, without despising them according to what they are, craftsman or politician.

– Every opinion is interesting to understand something concretely or to get a more accurate view of the reality around them.

– These people are allergic to the exaltation of power. In addition to not looking for it, they consider that the reward for a job well done is implicit and does not need public recognition.

– They greet, discuss and say goodbye. According to them, kindness is not only courtesy, but the expression of a good education with the people around them.

– They do not judge lightly and are emphatic. According to them, stories are sometimes more valuable for changing the world than norms.

– They make small daily gestures in order to simplify the lives of those around them, without even announcing it. Their way of acting is natural, simple and honest.

– They have a logical relationship between their private lives and public ideas that they express. Hypocrisy is not at all part of their code of conduct.

– According to them, the most important thing is not to arrive on the highest stepbut to find a way to stay on one of them – unless it is down – while developing a worthy and useful activity.

How are people who lack humility?

– Pretentious people are arrogant, they have no self-critical reflection and display an attitude of moral, intellectual or economic superiority. Relationships with this kind of people are unstable.

– They do not change their minds to get rich. They think that the only way to impose their point of view is to avoid the opinion of others, ridicule them and even intimidate them.

– They do not listen to anything. They give lessons and life tips to others.

– Their obsession with power and success, and especially the desire to please others, are often an uncomplicated way to face their work and overcome small difficulties.

– On the emotional level, they have the fixed idea that to have a good life, you have to show and display to others his happiness, as if it were a trophy.

This can lead to a feeling of emptiness and a loss of true relationship and closeness among these people and those around them.

So, be humble, and do not be afraid to be insignificant. You will have more impact than you believe, and more spiritual tranquility.

"If you think you're too small to have an impact, try going to bed with a mosquito."

Anita Roddick

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