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The importance of a psychological emergency kit in the company

Every company knows how important it is for its workers to be productive, efficient and able to manage their emotions in the right way.We can not forget that workers face a great deal of stress, besides sometimes all the problems they may have that do not fit into the professional environment. It is therefore extremely important to have a psychological emergency kit within the company.

A psychological emergency kit within the company is nothing more than a resource that can be used to ensure the psychological health of workersJust as we have an emergency kit for the eventual physical injury (cuts, falls, friction, etc.), it is also necessary to have one to solve the possible problems which will psychologically affect the workers.В This will ensure that they are well, in good health and can perform their job properly.

A psychological emergency kit within the company will guarantee healthy and productive workers, which undoubtedly suits the whole society.

The important role of the psychological emergency kit in the company

What is this psychological emergency kit in the company? В How will it work? В To begin with, although we have only talked about the workers, in general, Вthis type of rescue kit is also intended for managers, directors, associates and anyone who has a position within the companyEveryone can use this psychological aid kit when they feel it is necessary.

When a worker, manager, manager or partner suffers from a stress problem, for example, and resorts to this psychological emergency kit, the following measures should be followed:

  • Identify the risk situationВ: In what situations does this emotion or problem break out? В Are there other times when we can note its presence?
  • Make an evaluationВ: an assessment of the situation is made and an index of priorities is established. В Thus, the main problem affecting the worker is the first one to be solved.
  • Take measuresВ: Once the problem is solved and after its evaluation, it is necessary to take steps so that the worker knows how to act if he finds himself in the same position.
  • Follow upВ: a follow-up is necessary in every business, especially when a person has needed this psychological emergency kit.В Future problems related to the same risk situation will be at the same time.

All these steps can even be realized in the form of a study of the current situation of the workers within the company, even when none of them comes to ask for help. В Many people think that constant stress is normal until they experience depression.В and that their level of productivity and well-being at work is well below what it should be.

Yes, the stress pushes us to be productive and is beneficial, but on the other hand, if the stress paralyzes us, overwhelms us and makes us feel out of the way, the psychological emergency kit within the company can help us.

A complete analysis, once a year, could avoid many absencesdue to the being, stress, or anxiety, which will undoubtedly benefit the enterprise, but especially the worker.В This would also help to improve the results, to increase the motivation and to allow the workers to benefit from a greater job satisfaction.

An adequate working environment

The psychological emergency kit within the company is simply designed to create an adequate working environmentIn which the workers not only assume their responsibilities, but also do it feeling good, managing their motions and being motivated. To obtain all this results in a great deal part of the responsibility of the company.

The psychological emergency kit within the company will allow the workers to benefit from a autonomy allowing them to manage correctly the time which they must devote to the projects in which they participate.

In addition, it will provide clear and concise guidance so that there is no doubt as to how to proceed.Indications at certain critical moments and follow-up are needed here.B Workers will avoid the feeling of being disoriented and not knowing which tasks to prioritize.

In addition, it also hasIt is important to detect any form of harassment or violence that can turn work into a context of mockery, threats or blackmail.We can not forget that a good relationship between the workers increases the chances of success of their projects. Indeed, a good work environment is often the defining reason for a good worker to decide to stay and work. not to leave his post for another company.

It is also positive that the worker participates in decisions related to his position in the company, that he feels that the work is distributed in a fair way without that some have to assume overload, that there is an open communication and a recognition of the work carried out thanks to compensations. All these elements will allow to create a better working environment, adapted to all.

A good company should always be worried about the feelings, the feelings and the well-being of its workers. Indeed, thanks to them, the company stays in the water and moves forward.
With the aid of a psychological emergency kit, we can prevent situations of stress, harassment, lack of understanding, uncomfortable workloads and other elements that may affect the motivation and productivity of workers.Bthe workers are not slaves, they are the engine that makes a business flourish. We must therefore watch for their welfare.

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Today, companies prefer obedient and docile workers to the detriment of brilliant and innovative employees. Learn more В "
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