the impact of domestic violence on children

The impact of domestic violence on children

Children who live in homes where there is domestic violence, have significant sequels. Indeed, verbal, emotional or physical abuse has a devastating impact on children.

Domestic violence has a significant impact on minors and although they are not the direct victims of physical or verbal abuse, the impact they may suffer causes serious problems in childhood, adolescence and adulthood .

When we think of domestic violence or domestic abuse, we think in the first place (and sometimes only) to the direct victim, the victim who is attacked by the aggressor. However minors who live in situations of physical or verbal violence, suffer from very important consequences.

Moreover, in the homes where these situations occur, children are very often neglected, which aggravates the situation of minors.

Indeed, studies have shown that children who experience these situations of domestic violence are more likely to suffer from health problems, behavioral disorders and emotional trauma. Similarly, they are more likely to have mental health problems in adulthood.

Children raised in "homes where these abuses occur" may feel responsible for the abuse of one parent over the other, may have problems with sleep, delayed schooling and may develop eating disorders and aggressive behavior.

Furthermore, the situation makes them propitious to fall into the hands of equivocal people who offer to help them but in a totally inappropriate way, which makes them victims of any kind of abuse.

On the other hand, this situation can lead to anxiety experiences that can drift into panic problems.

When you reach your teen age, the situation may get a little worse. The teenager who has been through this situation may start self-punishing, using alcohol or drugs, he may start having inappropriate sex for the sole purpose of getting affection, he may suffer from depression, have very low self-esteem and suffer from various mental health problems.

Furthermore he may become a victim or behave aggressively with others, both inside the house and outside.

What to do?

For a variety of reasons, many people do not think about the impact on their children when they are victims of domestic violence, even when it is only verbal.

Even if they do not do it for themselves, for their safety and integrity, they must do it for their children.

Children need to know that they can trust someonethat they are safe and that the people they love are also safe.

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