The heart does not age, only the skin is wrinkled

The heart does not age, only the skin is wrinkled

With the years the skin is wrinkled, but only the abandonment of enthusiasm wrinkles the soul. Grief, doubt, mistrust, and fear of despair are the years that bend the heart and plunge the blooming spirit into the shadows.

Whether you are sixteen or sixty years old, every human heart buries a marvel, sweet admiration for the stars, the challenge of events, the infantile appetite of life.

Unknown author

It is said that a person does not age when the skin is wrinkled, but when his dreams and hopes are wrinkled.

In reality, no one is aging for a number of years, but we are getting older when we put aside our spirit and ideals.

In our heart, there is a place called "love". Life is these leaves that envelop it and its flowers have the smell of beauty, hope, happiness and illusion.

Together, they build a garden of experiences that must be cared for and sanitized from time to time, so that it reaches its greatest splendor over time.

Having seen many calendar sheets makes us less able to love, fulfill our dreams or enjoy our life together.

It is true that one acquires perhaps certain vices or manias of a personality that time has solidified. However, this is absolutely nothing negative, because knowing how to live according to the changes is also part of the age.

Where some see old age, others see the beauty of years gone by. Beauty is stronger vigor, pink cheeks and red lips. So, forget the anti-aging creams, because it is inevitable to grow old!

To accumulate youth is an art

"Leave me my wrinkles, I put a lifetime to get them".
Anna Magnani

It does not matter if you start seeing white hair, and wrinkles in unsuspected places in your face.

What really matters is that you have accumulated experience and knowledge, and that you understand that it is obligatory to evolve and not waste a single second of your life.

The vigor of a young mind is not at a particular stage of our life or at a particular age. In fact, youth is not a period, it's a state of mind.

We strive to find an elixir of eternal youth while we should seek eternal vitality.

Accumulating years is the most beautiful thing in this world because it means that you are alive and that you always have the opportunity to accumulate experience and knowledge.

To have a young spirit means that the love of adventure is indelible, and that one keeps a temperate character who contemplates life with calmness and who is aware of the ephemeral.

We must not seek to add years to his life, but try to add life to his years

Aged with me! The best is yet to come.
Robert Browning

People who add life to their years have for a long time banished from their minds the "I can not" and know that, if they are offered something, age is not an obstacle.

These people do not see wrinkles on their heart, because their soul can not wrinkle, it can only grow and get rich.

It may be that our face has certain marks of age, but our eyes will always transmit the brilliance of the one who knows that life is made to breathe.

Never lose hope, even if you lack strength. Make every year that you spend leaves marks on your skin.

Become a thief of time to make each moment eternal and never give up the pleasure of reminding you.

Accumulate the memories. Face your present with strength and courage.

Make your years sparkle, remember the smiles of yesteryear, build respect and bewitch your life. You can then enjoy a trip without return.

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