The harsh reality presented by the drawings of illustrator Urugayen Christian Orta

The harsh reality presented by the drawings of illustrator Urugayen Christian Orta

We sometimes turn our heads not to look truthfully in the face. We let life pass without thinking, without looking and without understanding what we are experiencing. There are uncomfortable realities and hardships that do not make us feel good.

We believe ourselves misunderstood by the world whereas what is really happening is that we do not stop to know each other and to feel ourselves. Therefore, we deserve time to think, to identify ourselves and to do work on us.

The drawings that we present to you below were made by the Uruguayan illustrator Christian Orta, who wanted to express the emotional reality of a big part of the humanity. Maybe the clarity is in the black and white of a pencil stroke …

How much do you pay to give up on your dreams?

"And your dreams?

-I changed them for a stable job … "

Accept your feelings and go with your reality. Accept the challenge of building, not destroying yourself …

"-Today, I spent all day fighting against myself …"

Living the present moment is sometimes not as easy as saying it. In the end, it is about putting aside the pain of the past, enjoying the present and having illusions for the future.

"-I try to live from day to day without forgetting to spend it and without neglecting my future …

-And how do you do it? "

Love feels or does not feel. Love does not try.

"-I try to love only you but sometimes I can not …"

Do we love or idealize?

Do not idealize a loved one, look at him as he is, crudely and without anesthesia …

There are many other drawings by this artist (in Spanish). These make us confront our reality, even vying to question certain things that were considered ordinary.

What do you think ? Do you find yourself in some of these drawings?

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