The Galatea effect or the secret of triumph

The Galatea effect or the secret of triumph

The Galatea effect is a cognitive factor that encourages the achievement of certain results. He was born of a myth, that of Pygmalionand Galatea. He tells himself that the king of Crete, called Pygmalion, was looking for the ideal woman. Since he could not find her anywhere, he decided to make a sculpture with all the attributes he was looking for.

By sculpting the face, he represented not only physical qualities, but also the representation of many values. The face must have beauty, tenderness, nobility, sensitivity and many other virtues.His work was so perfect that when he finished it he fellmadlylover of sculpture.He called it "Galatea".

” You can do very little with faith alone, nothing can be done without it” 

-Samuel Butler-

The goddess Aphrodite, who had observed everything, was moved to see the love that Pygmalion felt for Galatea. She decided to intervene and give life to the statue. The king of Crete thus found his ideal wife and they lived happily ever after. As we can see, it was Pygmalion's strong desire that eventually generated the circumstances for the statue to become a woman. This eagerness to get things is what we call the Galatea effect.

Defining the Galatea effect

The Galatea effect suggests that the more we are convinced of our ability to achieve a goal, the more likely we are to reach it. In the same way, we could say that when we do not have the conviction to be able, the probability of not being able to increase. In other words, these beliefs about ourselves determine to a large extent the outcome of our plans.

An interesting aspect is thatthe Galatea effect does not only work on our inner world and our ability to result. It also has a clear social effect; in other words, to project oneself to others. If we are convinced that we are capable, it is also more likely that we are feeding this "illusion" to others. And conversely. If we doubt what we can achieve, it is likely that others will do the same.

We can therefore say that anobody is much more likely to succeedwhen she works mentally for fulfillment of his goal. Many top athletes are working on the Galatea effect. Part of their preparation is to feed / visualize the desire to achieve such or such result, especially before a competition.

Initiate the activation of the Galatea effect

As we can see,the Galatea effect can play for or against us. The ideal is therefore to play it in our favor. Some self-help processes emphasize the importance of the approach, the mental place in which we position ourselves in relation to the goal. This theoretical articulation is consistent with the Galatea effect, with thehow thoughts can influence whether or not a given goal is reached.

How to activate the Galatea effect restslinchpinnally on three axes, which are: possibility, capacity and merit. The possibility is linked with the realism applied to the goals. Capacity is the potentiation of skills, and merit is associated with a constructive disposition.

The steps to follow

There are difficult goals, others are very difficult and others are impossible. Therefore, the first thingis to make sure that our plan is not impossible. If the desire is to become invisible, without having any foundation or hypothesis to change the current laws of physics, then we are faced with an impossible desire.

As for the capacity, itis to identify, recognize and exalt all the skills that we possess and that will eventually enable us to achieve a goal. Anyone can be able to reach higher heights than he imagines, as long as he identifies the path he must follow to reach it. It's about trusting our own abilities. Do not measure them, do not limit them, but have faith in them. It's that simple.

In the end, theself-concept and self-esteem are closely related to self-perception. Do you think you have enough value to achieve fulfillment and happiness? Do you doubt it? Is there anything in you that leads you to give up big plans, even before you try, just because you do not see yourself as someone successful?

Do an introspection to exalt what you are, what you can and what you deserve. If you do not have the conviction of what you want, what you can and what you deserve to achieve, you probably will not realize it. This is how the Galatea effect works.

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