The forgotten weapon against stress

The forgotten weapon against stress

Stress is already part of the daily landscape of sidewalks and pavements in big cities. People run by forgetting the present and chasing a future that always seems to escape a few steps.

The professional routine, the lack of time for leisure and even the holidays are all causes that cause stress.

Stress is the cause of nervousness, anxiety, hyperactivity. It is also associated with cardiovascular diseases that are becoming more frequent and serious. A simple way to keep stress away is to rest.

Indeed, in some countries, companies provide their employees with a space where they can take a nap or simply rest for a while.

Napping in the early afternoon helps cut the day. This break is an excellent opportunity to get out of the line of action and forget the worries, to find solutions to complicated problems or simply to disable our senses.

Specialists recommend taking a nap of twenty minutes maximum and under certain conditions.For example, there must be light in the resting environment, so that when waking up, the body realizes that it is the day.

If we are in total darkness when we wake up, our body has trouble determining the time, and may believe it is night. This explains why many people get up tired, despite having slept well for twenty minutes.

Napping time and other ways to free us from tension

In many places, "nap time" is sacred. All shops and offices close, usually between noon and four o'clock in the afternoon.

This usually happens in small towns or medium-sized cities, because in big cities, the pace of life makes this break almost impossible. Here are some alternatives for people who are in this case:

Enjoy lunch time to rest. If we bring your lunch to your workplace, it is advisable to put away your desk, close your computer, and chat with your colleagues.

Another option is to take advantage of the fact that we have to go out to make a commission, to sit for a moment on a bench or to walk quietly.

In the end, the most important, whatever the place or the moment, is to chase the tension that we accumulate little by little.

We must learn to look differently at the issues that concern us, and finally, we must give our senses time to rest after being on alert for hours.

If we respect these tips, we will avoid being overwhelmed by stress. Thus, the consequences he brings with him will be less.

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