The forest genius ball, a beautiful Japanese fable

The forest genius ball, a beautiful Japanese fable

Here is a beautiful Japanese fable, dating from very old times, with a deep message. Two men were born on the same day and at the same time in a distant place. Both came from very humble families. ATthe surprise of the whole village, they came to the world with the same defectphysical. They both had a big ball on the forehead.

This old beautiful Japanese fable tells thatthe familyof Tse, one of the men, was deeply proud and arrogant. They felt that they were above the others and they liked to stand out. Yung's family, the other man, was humble and quiet. All members were very affectionate and good to each other.

” The best doctors in the world are: doctor diet, doctor rest, doctor joy. “

-Jonathan Swift-

Because of his pride and pride, Tse's family felt himself dying by noting the physical defect of the new family member.They could not believe that one of them had this unsightly protuberance on the face. They tried, in vain, to remove the ball. All was useless.

Yung's family, on the other hand, acts very differently. They thought that the childwould need more love than any other. So he was educated between hugs and a huge affection. They taught him that he was worth a lot and that the defect of his forehead was not to make him ashamed.

And the boys grew up …

Tse grows up feeling very unhappy. His family was ashamed from him and always wanted to hide it. They covered his forehead with a hat, but without succeeding in hiding the big bump. That's why Tse became a complex, sad person.

Yung, meanwhile, grows up like a normal child. The other kids were laughing at his hump, but he did not care. He even learned to joke and laugh at others. The latter ceased to see the defect of Yung. They paid more attention to his good humor and to the good friend he was.

This old and beautiful Japanese fable says that Yung became a curious and happy young man. He was also daring and adventurous. Meanwhile, Tse hated others. Tse felt bitter. He did not understand why he had such bad luck at birth.

The genies of the forest

One day Yung went to the forest and night fell without him realizing it. He decided to stay there to rest. It was already late when he heard a cacophony. Yung cautiously approached a bonfire that was nearby. He saw from the bushes what was happening.A group of fabulous beings danced around the fire. Their appearance was strange. They were geniuses.

Yung was scared, but the party seemed so animated that he could not resist. He approached and, facing the surprise of geniuses, began to dance. According to this beautiful Japanese fable, the geniuses were happy with Yung's joy. They danced with him until dawn. They laughed and played at his side.

When Yung said goodbye, the genies did not want him to leave. That's why theytook the bump on his forehead, took it away and told him: "We will keep your hump so that you come back to dance with us” . They did not know it was a relief for Yung. That he had no interest in returning for the hump they had taken.

The interesting endof the Japanese fable

Yung returned to the village without the lump, and everyone was stunned. He told them about the extraordinary situation he had known, which no one could believe. Tse, thought then that it was his great chance.He asked Yung to lend him his clothes to pretend to be him. He could thus go to the forest and the genies would remove this annoying protuberance of his forehead.

Tse went to the forest and, as dawn approached, heard the festivities. He approached immediately. He was impatient for his lump to be removed. Nothing else mattered.That's why he did not dance, nor did he share the party with the genies.They tried to get him to participate in the celebration, but Tse moved away with anger and annoyance.

The day was getting up when one of the genies approached and laid a new lump on Tse's forehead. "Take back your hump " he said to him. "It's time for you to leave and, quiet, do not bother to come backThis is how, according to this ancient Japanese fable, Tse returned to the village with two bumps.Everyone learned that joy and generosity attract wonderful events. On the other hand, anger and selfishness only attract evil and loneliness.

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