The forbidden draws us

The forbidden draws us

Since the dawn of time, the human being has always been attracted to anything that is not within the reach of his hand. It's as if the forbidden dresses with an irresistible aura of attraction for us.

In fact it is an almost natural manifestation, which forces us as individuals to kill our curiosity and thus gain more freedom.

From birth, society imposes moral, ethical and social limits. From an early age, we learn what we can and can not do.

These are the parents, the first to mark our path by delimiting it with red lines that we can not go beyond. Then, the company will add other limits in this list of prohibited.

Our own human condition is the one that drives us to experience all that is forbidden to us because we feel the need to know the unknown and evaluate its consequences.

We go above the rules to live the consequences. This is the only way to not do it again or to forgo the forbidden activities, when they are really harmful for us. As Oscar Wilde said, "the only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it."

The challenge of reaching the forbidden

When something or someone comes in front of us with a forbidden sign, our adventurous side immediately activates and tries to win this challenge.

The forbidden seduces us and attracts us. If we observe our daily life, we can find many examples that illustrate this maxim.

It is enough that the doctor forbids us to consume a food so that this one becomes the most attractive; a book arouses our attention if it has been censored, for whatever reason; a person attracts us more if she is in a relationship or if she represents an impossible love.

When something is forbidden to us, our mind decides to focus on it more intensely than usual.

Research by Columbia University in the United Kingdom shows that the desire for the forbidden diminishes when you give up your groupthat is, boundaries are easier to respect when we do it in groups than individually.

These findings could improve group therapies to help people overcome certain habits and addictions.

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