The firefly dance

The firefly dance

Literature is so big and beautiful. It's a parallel world. It is an art among the others. Often, she is so close to reality. It is a mirror that tells without measure. She strips us without censorship. It's the author's heartbeat. In this article, we will discuss Kristin Hannah's heartbeat. A book can be very valuable, The firefly dance is precious.

This book (not translated to French) refers to the fear of two teenagers who feel lonely. But they are convinced that the other can not feel the same. Then the wall falls, the meeting takes place and what is often felt with shame and confession in moments of vulnerability.

When Tully can not take it anymore and decides to stop protecting herself, she must confide in order not to lose her footing. Kate is there for her, she is waiting for him as she always will (in her last years of high school, at university and then, even later), so that Tully does not faint. In reality, this will allow the two girls not to lose their footing.

"To make you real friends, you have to take risks, sometimes people will let you down, girls can be very cruel to each other, but you can not let that stop you. you, dust off your feelings and retry your luck. "

The firefly dance is the story of two friends

This book evokes the fear of rejection which ends up encouraging the curiosity to know more and to break the chrysalis. The challenge of the known, the desire to find a love similar to what we find in novels. This shows us thatBeyond the experience, the important thing is what we do with this fear. She is our toolbox for special occasions.

Kate relies on a family who loves him and imposes rules. Tully is a star who, every time she was abandoned by her mother, had to learn to shine on her own. In both characters we see the shared need that no teenager will ever confess: the need to awaken a proud look from their parents. Kate thinks Tully has it all and Tully thinks Kate everything.

"Thoughts and even fears were celestial, embedded things that only gained strength through the voice, and once they had weight, they could flatten you."

Their friendship is born when they realize that one of them knows how to tell and the other knows how to listen. Tully quickly knows what she wants to do and how she wants to do it. Kate, nice Kate, is more late. She follows Tully and raises her when she threatens to fall. She must also face the strength of her past that threatens to make her fall into a dark precipice.

Each will seek to save themselves as their past has taught them. Tully being a star (TV), and Kate loving and understanding that there are people so hurt that they have not learned to ask for forgiveness.

Tully has so much strength that she can draw all the attention of a room full of people to her. Kate is so brave that she is able to stay in the same room protecting everyone present, though no one is looking at her. In other words, Kate is looking like Tully and Tully is looking like Kate. By living in two seemingly very different worlds, both are able to breathe.

Love and friendship

The firefly dance is not a realistic novel and it does not pretend to be. It does not aspire to be a faithful mirror. The story is aware that most friendships do not work this way. However, it's a song of hope, a magnificent narrative as could be the world if we succeeded.

One of the most beautiful elements of his pages is certainly the ability to voice what a mother or daughter may feel. These feelings refer to the moments during which one is too aware of the dangers that are approaching and the other ignores them completely by gradually approaching the home that burns while waving a deceptive flag of freedom.

"He accurately describes, through the characters, this ambivalence that implies that security is in the same place where we seek independence when we grow up: the family."

In order not to break the pleasure of those who would like to turn the pages of this book after reading this article, no additional information will be revealed on The fireflies dance. However, to fully expose it would not be so dramatic because the narrative may be more valuable than the narrative. This proves a great merit when, in the end, the story is worth it.

The great merit of Kristin Hannah isto have built two characters that we can recognize in their evolution. This is something we can see at Kate's home when she learns to be a good mother. We can see the gestures of her daughter who hurt her, those who comfort her, make her angry or provoke strong emotions.

The reasons that invite us to discover The firefly dance are numerous but the best thing is that you find your own excuse. Open your eyes and enjoy.

Tully looked at her best friend and in that look, more than 30 years clashed with each other reminding her of the girls they were, the dreams they shared and the women they became. is this not ? "

Editor's note for those who fear reading. The firefly dance is not a novel of teenagers, it's a novel of the whole life. Adolescence is only the starting point of the exciting path that these characters will draw separately but together.

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