The fight against fear

The fight against fear

Our life is full of good ideas that we want to implement, either to conquer the person we love, to do something new and to generate new sources of income, and so on.

Unfortunately, there is often something that paralyzes us and prevents us from acting, a "strange force" that warns us about what we are doing.

Indeed, fear leaves us paralyzed and pensive in the face of all the possible reasons why this idea would make no sense and would not unfold as expected.

Fear, fear and panic

There is a big difference between fear, fear and panic. Fear works every time we do something new.

It is natural to have some fear that will gradually be ignored and overcome, because these fears do not prevent us from acting in the direction we want to take.

Fear, on the other hand, is paralyzing but not completely, because sooner or later we have to face it and try to defeat it.

On the other hand, panic usually tends to be totally crippling both physically and mentally. Everything seems threatening, anxiety grows, we live locked inside and outside ourselves and we feel we have no escape.

In this article, we offer some exercises that will help you overcome fear.

To overcome fear

When fear is generated by stimulation, the level of anxiety increases, and just get out of the situation when the fear has reached its maximum intensity and starts to go down.

The emotion that the stimulation provokes will be reduced in intensity as the exposures to it increase, provided that a habit occurs at this exposure.

Another effective way to overcome fear is when we think of all possibilities, ask ourselves what is the worst that could happen.

This question, while obvious, is not, because it puts us in touch with our feelings and emotions that prevent us from acting. Thus, we generally think that the worst that can happen to us is in some way acceptable. This relativism makes us realize that if the worst happens, we will be able to continue to live.

Therefore, whenever you want to do something, propose an appointment to this special person or anything else that awakens fear in you, we can control it by putting these two options into practice, or one of them. 'they. Thus, you will avoid that it is she who sets the conditions.

There are also countless other exercises and positive thoughts to overcome fear, the most important thing is to be able to overcome it and achieve what we want, in an effective, healthy way and with the lowest possible level of anxiety and fear.

You should know that things may not go as you wish but there is no reason not to try.

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