The fear will never disappear with time

The fear will never disappear with time

The statement "fear will never go away" can make our heart beat faster and cause us to feel some anxiety. It's natural and understandable. The society in which we grew up taught us to flee fear, not to face it.She especially educated us to prevent it, even when we do not know if it will manifest or not.

This emotion that we used to catalog as "bad"is always in us.Even if we wish and try to avoid it, it is impossible to do without it. It has a vital function for our survival. With fear, we stay alert when it comes to tackling a problem.

Many millennia ago, this was of great help if we faced a real danger. Now, at present, we have very quiet lives andour fears have changed.They are no longer adaptive. In other words, they rarely appear in a situation where we are actually at risk.

Does our life run a real danger when we have to make a public speech? Are we going to die if our spouse leaves us?The fears that arise in these situations are maladaptive. These are not real fears. We are not in danger. Therefore, this emotion stops helping us and begins to limit us.

Our fears have changed but one thing remains valid.They always push us to action, motivate us not to remain inactive and to change course.Nevertheless, today we let fear paralyze us. This, centuries earlier, would have led us directly to death.

Changes allow us to grow

Fear will never go away because there will always be changes in our lives,whether we have sought them or not. For example, when we try to set up our own business, we will be afraid of failing, of not getting results, of seeing others laugh at our mistakes. This is a good thing because whatever happens, we will progress and evolve.

The big problem comes when we take refuge behind fear and we do not want to confront it.We stay in our comfort zone, without taking risks, without daring to do things that do not bring us security. However, with time, we will stagnate and miss goals cruelly. We imagine what might happen, but in reality we do not know if it will happen. With that thought in our minds, we remain motionless, preoccupied, doing nothing, and see the hours, days, and years go by.

The comfort zone, let's face it, brings us great security. It feels good.But she is also disabling; if it were a garden, nothing would grow there. So why is she so tempting? Because she has the power to make us feel good and bad at the same time. We feel safe and quiet when we are there. At the same time, we feel that we are not taking advantage of our time and that we miss many opportunities.

People who are afraid of change usually envy those who take risks and constantly get out of their comfort zone. At the bottom of them, a little voice shouts to them "do something!" Or "you also have dreams and passions, realize them!".For a moment, they can dream and think about acting.But they continue to do nothing.

Use fear in our favor

Even if we try to escape, the fear will never go away.There will always be a situation to surprise us and break our routine. Our comfort zone will be affected and this will be an opportunity to make a decision. Since fear will never go away, why not use it in our favor?

When you are stuck with your fears, tell yourself that everything you want is right behind them. Are you really going to give up on your dreams?

To achieve this, we will give you two tips. Even if they seem simple to put into practice, in important moments,we do not follow them.Nevertheless, if we want to put an end to these fears so limiting, using these tips when they appear can give us a different result.

  • If fear limits you, do not think: act.When this emotion limits you, for example, to speak in public, you must stop ruminating. Your mind is very powerful. Block those thoughts and act. Once you do, you will see how the fear disappears.
  • Use fear as a source of overcoming.If something scares you, use that emotion to motivate you to achieve your goal. If you are afraid to show your business, use that fear to try to train yourself more and look for opportunities that will make you feel safer.For example, talking to people who could help you, finding partners …

Fear will never go away so it's best to think of it as an ally.Even in the most difficult moments, this emotion can help us to change course and realize that other options exist. Remember, if we move forward and grow, fear will always be there. But we must be able to start using it to keep moving forward instead of stopping.

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