The exact legend about the lie and the truth

The exact legend about the lie and the truth

The relationship of individuals to lies and truth is very ambivalent. In general, we all affirm (or believe) prefer the truth. However, when the one we receive or share is painful or complicated, it generates a great psychological conflict. In this article, discover the exact legend about lies and truth.

Opting for lies is usually a symptom of lack of confidence in the personal or alien ability to deal with the problems the truth might generate. In other circumstances, to choose lies is to behave like an unscrupulous person (or with many needs) who wants to profit from a particular situation.

In all cases, Learning to face the truth is still a skill that is being acquired by our society. This skill balances a balance that opposes truth and honesty.

The legend about lies and the truth

There are legends that rise like beautiful stories that illustrate the psychological reality of our lives. The one we present to you today is one of them.

"The legend tells that one day the truth and the lie crossed.

"Good morning," said the lie.

-Hello, answered the truth.

"Good day," said the lie.

Then the truth bent over to check if it was the case. It was.

"Good day," answered the truth.

"The lake is even more beautiful," said the lie.

Then the truth looked at the lake and saw that the lie was telling the truth and she nodded. The lie ran to the water and said:

-The water is even more beautiful. Are swimming.

The truth touched the water with the fingertips and realized that the water was really good and from there she trusted the lie. The two took off their clothes and swam quietly. Some time later, the lie came out, dressed with the garments of truth and departed.

The truth, unable to dress with the clothes of the lie began to walk without clothes and everyone was then horrified at seeing her. Thus, today, individuals prefer to accept the lie disguised as truth to the bare truth. "

The ambivalence between the lie and the truth

We must convey good values ​​with sincerity. Relationships based on pillars of lies end up resembling a fragile and precarious house of cards capable of destroying everything in its path. However, although we know the link between truth and complexity, we are looking for always return it by telling "half truths" or by expressing different realities of the truth.

To say that we are lying "constantly "is not in vain, some studies of theUniversity of Massachusetts reflect the fact that generally, we emit in our society a lie or a dishonest assertion every 3 minutes. Other studies provide a clearer figure: in the week we would emit lies in 35% of our conversations.

These numbers are, in a way, hopeless. We self-proclaim ourselves frequently as honest people who never lie but in reality, a big lie lies behind this medal.

What makes you lie?

We do not lie only, we lie a lot. On important topics and trivia. It is easier to do that than to explain and deal with the harsh truth and the laying bare. We do not have a clear position regarding lies and truth because we do not think about it adequately. Therefore, we are intoxicated with small and big lies that weave a web from which it is difficult to get out.

But, why are we doing this? Because the psychosocial benefit of the lie is usually more immediate than that of the truth. Also because the truth is not exempt from risks. Moreover, often, in order to protect our integrity or that of others and / or to profit from a situation, we succumb to the temptation: to make use of the lie.

However, we must not forget the fact that as lenient as the lie can be, it is also an obstacle to trust. Let's not forget the fact that a lie is enough for doubt to become embedded in hundreds of truths. For this reason, we can begin to question the experiences that we previously considered to be the most straightforward.

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