The emotional catharsis

The emotional catharsis

When emotions block us and make us saturate, we try to regain control.

We were taught that we should not cry, nor show others that we are going wrong. So we always try to pass for whole people, happy, strong, even if sometimes, inside, we are about to explode, or we feel vulnerable, fragile, moved …

So we make sure to hide our emotions, to repress them, to live as if they did not exist; in other words, one denies oneself.

Then comes the day when we can not go, where we feel tired, exhausted, where you want to drop everything. That day, we feel overwhelmed by events, our emotions are unleashed without being able to control them, they emerge despite our will, and we feel very bad …

The body reacts too, it is painful, sick …

This phenomenon is the Emotional Catharsis. It translates into an emotional shock and corresponds to a period of our life when emotions block us and paralyze us.
We no longer find in us the necessary strength to contain them, we feel vanquished, small, as if the world was a dangerous place; everything hurts us, everything hurts us, nobody understands us …

It is precisely at this cathartic moment, the one that we wanted to avoid for a long time, during which we were strong, impassive, courageous, that we manage to regain control, a control essential to our balance.

However, the straw that breaks the camel eventually arrives at one time or another.

If we analyze and look a little closer at this "emotional explosion", then we realize that it does not come out of nowhere.
For a certain time
we have borne a multitude of things, and unconsciously, we have done everything so that our feelings do not deepen.
Yet, we could say that if we denied our feelings, we prevented them from going out.
But in fact, in fact, we simply did not accept them.

And if we dig deeper, perhaps we will run into thoughts related to "self-demand", such as "I do not have the right to go wrong, I have to go well" .
These thoughts push us to move forward by obscuring our deepest emotions, and "thanks to that" we can continue to live, with a "false" sense of control and balance.

If we deny our emotions to this extent, then this cathartic explosion is necessary for our "emotional health".

However, if we want to preserve our health, it is better not to arrive there.
To avoid this, we must allow ourselves to live deeply each of our feelings, accepting the fact of being human, and being human means feeling emotions, and being aware that they are part of a process. learning, growth, change and maturity.

It is necessary to let our emotions express themselves, certainly, but in a healthy space, so that they are harmful neither for us, nor for the others; that is to say a space where we can express them, shout them, count them, cry them … and free themselves from them.
The repressed emotions only grow in us, with more intensity and more loaded in pain… to finally stay buried in us.

Any "controlled" expression is therapeutic, liberating. It is therefore a question of accepting our emotions, of talking about them, and not to conceal them: it is "emotional intelligence".

To achieve this, it is essential not to be afraid to suffer or feel vulnerable to others. Indeed, the greatest pain is the one we do not express, and the greatest vulnerability lies in the strength we exercise in denying our feelings, and therefore in not being ourselves.

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