The Einstellung effect

The Einstellung effect

Our mind sometimes plays us wrong tricks. We have a hard time being objective and seeing reality as it is. We often let ourselves be guided by our biases and preconceptions.There are many ways to self-sabotage, but one of the most striking is the Einstellung effect.

This cognitive bias, a name of German origin, would result in "effect of attitude". This is a phenomenon that makeswhat we think of a certain subject affects how we are going to interpret what is happening.So our brain does not allow us to see things as they really are; on the contrary, we deceive ourselves when we observe reality. We are therefore unable to find an adequate solution to a problem.

In this article,we will see exactly what the Einstellung effect is.We will also study the areas in which it occurs most often. Thus, thanks to this information, we will be able to more easily avoid it when it will appear.

Why does the Einstellung effect occur?

One of the most surprising discoveries of psychology is thatwe do not work with reality but with what we perceive and interpret.It is true that our brain interprets the information it receives through the senses. With this mediation, the way we observe the world is conditioned by our beliefs and our past experiences.

So when we face a situation,we focus part of our attention on looking for antecedents or associations that allow us to interpret it.These keys can come from our memory but also be related to our way of thinking.

The effects of this interpretation are so powerful that, faced with the same fact, we will never find two perfectly identical stories. In fact, we can even find two radically different ones written by people who claim to stick to what happened.

With the Einstellung effect, this particularity of our spiritprevents us from acting effectively in a situation.In the face of a problem, this cognitive bias will drive us to respond in the way we have always done. But very often, this answer will not be the most useful.

To act by inertia does not generally bring us good results.On the contrary. Faced with a complex situation, it is always more useful to think about the best way to go. But for this, we must be aware of the areas in which the Einstellung effect occurs. Only in this way can we pay attention and avoid falling into his nets.

Situations in which this bias appears

We will nowsee a small list of areas in which the Einstellung effect is the most powerful.Of course, it can arise in other circumstances; but in these situations, its consequences can be particularly disastrous.

1. Personal relationships

The way we relate to others is often determined by our childhood experiences. According to the studies carried out on this subject,we acquire, in our childhood, a way of behaving in different social situations.In general, these behaviors do not change much.

In this area, the Einstellung effectmakes us respond to others in a way that may not be optimal. Unless you are an expert in social skillsit is much more efficient to consciously choose how we want to interact with others.

Thus, for example, conscious thinking as we relate to others may allow us to change a style of passive or aggressive communication into assertiveness.It will improve our well-being and the way others see us.

2. Professional field

In general, when we start a new job, we have to go through a learning period. During this phase, we are not familiar with the tasks we need to do. So we try to identifythe best way to do them.However, once we get used to the job, we put that innovation concern aside.

But, andif there was a better way to do your job?What if you could save time and effort by thinking about how you work? The Einstellung effect prevents you from seeing this reality but there is always room for improvement. Even in the least creative areas.

3. Free time

Often, when we have a moment for ourselves, we act inertia. Instead of choosing an activity that stimulates us,we let ourselves be carried away by routine and fatigue.So, even if we have been trying for a new activity or a new sport for years, we end up dozing in front of the TV or the screen of our computer.

Why are we doing this? The Einstellung effect is partly responsible. This cognitive biasprevents us from seeing better alternatives.It is therefore necessary to think consciously of what we want to do when we have free time.

If you do not get the most benefit from the time you have, it's a bit because of the Einstellung effect. By hindering the search for alternatives,it condemns us to commit the same mistakes indefinitely.However, fighting it is relatively simple: you only have to make an effort to be more aware of what you choose to do every moment.

Of course,this is easier said than done.But to achieve this, you just need a little practice. If you think that paying more attention to what you choose to do every moment can help you, try doing it for a few weeks. The changes that will happen in your life in a very short time may surprise you.

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