The ego distorts the reality

The ego distorts the reality

A person who suffers from ego problems is generally uncomfortable, selfish, bad, destructive, and tends to judge others negatively.

The ego forces us to continually send back a good image of usto society, but it is sorely lacking in humility.

It is like an illusion, a fantasy that thinks itself above others.The opinion we have of ourselves is then distorted,and the true "we" is moving awaylittle by little, which prevents us from knowing each other.

People who let themselves be dominated by their ego live in error. They think they are superior, and no longer perceive reality as it is.

They try to present themselves as they would like to be, instead of as they really are.These people roam the life behind a social mask, invent a role that takes them away from themselves every day a little more.

These masked people feed on flattery, the approval of others, and need to control situations and people.

They want to hold power, because in the deepest of them they are afraid andneed to feel superior in order to hide the feeling of inferiority that actually gnaws at them.

The ego is a character that is created little by little,which moves away from simplicity and is characterized by great complexity.

It is a permanent act that portrays an ideal protagonist who projects a false self-esteem so that no one can see the great insecurity hidden inside him.

What happens if you let yourself be dominated by the ego?

Nothing ventured, nothing gained ! If you do not take any chances because you are afraid of failing,you will remain prisoner of your comfort zone and your routine where you feed your fake "you"with great blows of flattery.

The known terrain is your element, a place where you feel accepted. You do not venture to the unknown lest you be rejected or criticized.

A person who really trusts her is not afraid to discover the unknown,because it accepts the disapproval of others without feeling any discomfort.

These people learn from their failures or setbacks, but never doubt their personal worth.

What happens if the ego is not powered?

When the ego is not powered by the outside world, the person in question feels terribly bad. She can then feel a whole range of emotionslike shyness, sadness, anger, pain, fear, etc.

In reality, the person displays disguised false security, but when it receives criticism, when it is not accepted or recognized, the mask falls, and we realize that she is not who she claims to be.

Depending on the ego, your identity will depend on what others think of you,that's why it's important not to let him dominate your life.

If he takes over, you will conform to what society gives you, you will feel like a leaf flying with the wind.

How to dominate the ego and let our true essence emanate?

The ego develops as a form of protection. Normally, we let him dominate us to feel stronger and more confident in the face of attacks.

The voice of the ego fogs our minds and takes us away from our true selves, preventing us from feeling things with our heart, even the simplest things like our emotions.

It is important that we are able to understand thatall the needs of acceptance that come from outside are nothing but illusions, mirages created by our ego.

We do not need all this to be happy. The only thing we need is to dive into an ocean of simplicity and humility.

Let's stop pretending that we are what we are not, or devaluing ourselves, because in the end, we are all equal.

Our inner essence is not so complicated,we must try to eliminate from our life the guilt, the demands, the perfectionism, the need to win or to be right, the greed, and to privilege the pleasure of the simple things, to appreciate the beauty of the life, and to learn to to content ourselves with small personal satisfactions.

In the end, we realize that the human being is not that complicated if we stop returning our thoughts in all directions.

We are simple beings who only aspire to enjoy life in good company.Let the love float, accept yourself as you are, and have as much fun as you can.

Listen to your inner essence,we all harbor in ourselves a person who is well worth knowing,do not let your ego hide it, and let it come out into the open.

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