The effect of Von Restorff

The effect of Von Restorff

The ability to remember these items that stand out is known as the Von Restorff effect, or isolation effect, and was discovered in 1933 by Hedwing Von Restorff. This researcher, through his studies, determined that it is more likely to remember items that stand out in color or shape.

At the time, it was thought that this phenomenon was due to a particularity in the ability to pay attention. However, the discoveries of Von Restorff have gone through various interpretations, to the conclusion that this effect is not only due to the variations of the attention, but also to the fact that the memory codifies the information differently.

The effect of Von Restorff in everyday life

The effect of Von Restorff can be used in our everyday life in the usual way. A clear example is when we make our shopping list and we write with a marker a product that we particularly need. Thus, we make sure to focus our attention on this element of the list and reduce the possibilities of forgetting it.

Another example: in the school field, when we highlight some ideas in our notes to highlight their importance. This will help us to memorize them better, or to find them more easily during a diagonal reading.

As we see, the effect of Von Restorff can be used as a tool that can greatly help us on a daily basisfor both daily tasks and those related to the professional field. In fact, it can be used to organize a company, and more specifically to develop project plans or tasks to be done.

The effect of Von Restorff in advertising

The implications of the Von Restorff effect for marketing and advertising are immense. In this sense, many companies point out some details that they want potential customers to remember. Changes in size, color, or spacing are some of the most effective techniques. In the same way, the more different an object is from others, the more likely it is to be remembered.

This is how some of the keys to neuromarketing developed, according to which advertising uses subtle techniques to capture the attention of customers. Thus, we try to appeal to a more primitive sense for each type of customer and to show small details of the product that stand out from the rest.

Using the Von Restorff effect in a presentation

One of the most profitable moments of the Von Restorff effect is during a presentation, whether in school or at work. Twhat is far from the ordinary normally gives a presentation a memorable touch that distinguishes it from the rest. There is a multitude of ways to go off the beaten track: you can use video footage, or other multimedia elements, that will help us to foment the memory not only of what is presented, but also of the presenter.

For example, when incorporating videos and movie clips into a presentation, you can illustrate an idea or process much more clearly than by using a photograph or an animation. However, these video sequences must be brief and fit into the storylinein other words, in the guiding thread of the presentation. Otherwise, the attention of the audience will eventually focus on the video, to the detriment of the speaker. Therefore, the use of short and spaced video footage throughout the presentation ensures a management of public attention.

By applying all these tips, you can greatly optimize the possibilities of success of your presentation. The same goes for the school field, since the presentation could then capture the attention of the evaluators, highlighting ideas that are considered more importantand give the work provided a more concrete and organized aspect.

Finally, the effect of Von Restorff is a useful tool in all areas of our life, which allows us to make greater use of our memory and our speaking ability.

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