The dreaded "crisis of quarantine"

The dreaded “crisis of quarantine”

Women seem to suffer the most when they approach midlife. This is because they are going through a biological stage in which they are neither young nor old. So, how to overcome this crisis or simply prevent it from appearing?

You may be afraid of growing old or becoming young. What is certain is that the so-called "midlife crisis" mainly affects women but also a large number of men.

In the case of women is added menopause and all the symptoms it causes, both physical and psychological.

This crisis does not appear exactly the day you blow your 40 candles, but it can make its appearance a little before or a little after.

Characteristics of the "quarantine crisis"

Experts say there are two types of age-related crises: an evolutionary crisis, which refers to the age you have and the biological changes involved, and the circumstantial crisis, due to changes in your age. surrounding who come to affect you. The midlife crisis is part of the first group.

Closer to midlife can lead to depression and anxiety, in connection with the social and family pressures that this age entails.

For example, if you're still not married, have no children, do not have a good job, or did not buy a home, studies show you have more lucky to feel sad rather than someone who would have gotten all that.

The reasons for this midlife crisis are diverse, but the most common are: insecurity, excessive responsibility, routine, conflicting relationships, being aware of mistakes, boredom, lack clear objectives, etc.

A new perspective

One of the most important signs of the midlife crisis is undoubtedly the need to rejuvenate, that is, to return to his 20s (or less).

This implies the search for new experiences, the desire to do things you did not dare to do before, to dress like a teenager, to go to bars, clubs, etc.

This new attitude can represent a wonderful new beginning, a motivation that takes you out of your routine and enriches your life.

However, it can also cause a great nostalgia that paralyzes you and puts you to sleep deeply, making you forget that you still have a lot of things to do.

The positive change that may result from this crisis lies partly in the acceptance that time passes without feelings of rage or helplessness. Moreover, it is a question of not giving up the present and the future to focus on the past.

Finally, a good reflection and a review of your life, will make you go forward with the wisdom of today and your youthful anxiety.

So, what to do concretely in the face of this "crisis"?

Maintain a positive attitude It does not matter if people are pointing out that you are getting older.

It is good to know that age brings experience, anecdotes and knowledge. You still have a lot of years ahead of you, so do not worry about it.

Enjoy : The experience of growing up and overcoming many problems makes you even more interesting and ready for what awaits you.

You will show more self-control, you will know the consequences of your actions and you will not improvise.

Remember also that the best moment is the present moment. Do not associate youth with happiness. Each stage of life can be a source of happiness and fulfillment.

Reflect : you could tell yourself that you are halfway through your life. This is the perfect time to reflect on what you have done and what you want to achieve in the future.

Every change you decide to make today must be analyzed and evaluated in detail.

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