The dark side of the force (psychological)

The dark side of the force (psychological)

The Star Wars saga has become a living story. With more or less acceptance, the release of each film is an event. Indeed, this universe has the support of millions of fans who would certainly like to find strength and become Jedis. However,as in life itself, not everyone accepts light, and some end up on the dark side of the force.

In our reality, passing on the dark side can be understood as the equivalent of radicalization, the latter being a group process. Social psychology has a lot to say about accepting the dark side of force. One particular case that we encounter in the saga is that of Anakin Skywalker. Contrary to what we might think, those who pass on the dark side are not uneducated. They do not have fewer resources and do not have mental problems. Like in real life. Moving to the dark side involves a combination of factors that will be explained below.

The need to be important

Executing an action requires motivation toward an objective. The bottom line is that a need arises and we set a goal that can meet that need. This is how motivation will emerge that will lead to action. In the case of dark force, the goal is importance.The motivation to be someone important, to be different, to be "someone".

This search motivation of the important can be awakened in three different ways.One of them is the loss of importance.Humiliation. Like the one Anakin Skywalker felt when he was a slave, when jedis rejected him or when he learned about the murder of his mother. Humiliation is an important factor when it comes to waking the search for importance. Indeed, it is she who generates the awareness of the loss of the latter.

"A path to the dark side the fear of loss is."
– Yoda master-

Another way to awaken the search for importance is the perception that there is a threat against that importance.Kylo Ren, as the last movie shows, understands that Luke Skywalker is a threat. From Kylo Ren's point of view, Luke wanted to prevent him from becoming a Jedi. To become important.

The last is the opportunity to gain importance.The motivation of the search for importance awakes when the possibility of acquiring it arises.Senator Palpatin, also known as Darth Sidious, is a perfect example of that. He assassinated his father to become supreme chancellor while becoming the dark lord of the Sith.

What the Sith tell us

The need to be important, however, does not lead to the dark side. Once motivation is generated, our focus will be on how to gain importance.The ideology, the story, will answer tothe question "how can I become important / more important?"While the Jedi do not encourage violence to gain importance, so do the Sith.

Dark Sidious said that Dark Plagueis was so powerful that he could create life and even prevent the beings he cared about dying. But how to achieve this? By using violence.Through his speech, the Sith Order advocates the use of violence as the only way to become important.As Darth Vader said: "You underestimate the power of the dark side, if you do not fight … you will find your destiny".

Bad influences on the dark side

However, there is one factor missing that drives motivation to ideology. This is the group.An individual can only be important to others if he or she has a group that accepts and makes them feel important.Moreover, as we have already commented, this group must have an ideology that encourages violence. Identify this group in Star Wars as the Sith order is easy.

The Sith offer the opportunity to become someone very important. They offer unimaginable power, that of the dark side of the force.Once in their group, social pressure will cause individuals to merge their personality with the Sith identity. As the blind monk Chirrut Îmwe said: "I am one with strength and strength is with me". Belonging to the Jedi or Sith group involves a part of something bigger. The only difference will be the story of the group, which is pacifist (Jedi) or who supports violence (Sith).

"When I am near you, my mind is no longer mine."
-Anakin Skywalker-

Emotions also exist on the dark side

Finally, emotions also play a role in the process that leads to the dark side.The dark side of the force is closely related to negative emotions.Master Yoda explains it to us when he says: "Fear causes anger, anger breeds hatred, hatred breeds suffering, and suffering leads to the dark side". Although the relationship between emotions is not inconsistent, the ANCODI hypothesis specifies that the emotions mentioned by Yoda are not correct.

"The fear, the anger, the aggression, the dark side, they are … If one day your life they govern, for ever your destiny will dominate."
-Yoda master-

It is more useful to combine three emotions to pass on the dark side than to experience a succession of emotions.So that the first emotion that would appear would be the anger arising from the injustice and would be directed towards the one who would be considered guilty. Anger would lead to contempt, denial and humiliation of the other. Disgust would finally appear. It would then lead to the dark side, which supposes that the solution consists in eliminating the other.

As we have seen, there is no need to follow a path that gradually transforms us into radicals to move to the dark side. A combination of factors must occur to accept the dark side of the force.As if it were a puzzle, we have already accepted the dark side of the force when we pose on the last piece.We assume that Master Yoda would say: Powerful psychology is, beware of your dark side you have to. Indeed, the mind, like psychology, is wonderful.

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