The circle of 99, an inspiring story

The circle of 99, an inspiring story

Once upon a time there was a far-off kingdom that was ruled by a sad ruler. He himself did not understand the reasons for his melancholy, until one of his wise men made him see that everything was connected to the circle of 99. This will be a lesson he will never forget.

Everything began one morning when the king, in the midst of his sadness, saw one of his servants enter.The humble man smiled and hummed a song with great enthusiasm. The sovereign realized that this waiter was always happy. He then felt curiosity. How could a servant feel happy and he, being the king, not find peace?

” True social progress is not about increasing needs, but about reducing them voluntarily. But you have to be humble for that. “

-Mahatma Gandhi

He asked the man: "Why are you so happy ? "The servant did not know what to answer."Why not ?", he finally replied. ” I live in a palace, serving the most powerful man in the kingdom … I have what I need … A comfortable home, a faithful wife, children in good health … What more? I do not see why I should not be happy with the life I have…  “

The king was angry. He did not believe a word. How could a man who possessed only a modest house and a diet much inferior to his own be happy?He threatened to behead him if he did not reveal the secret of his happiness. The servant apologized.He asked for forgiveness for having offended him. In the end, he had no way of answering.

The sage and the circle of 99

The king finally dismissed his servant. He hardly tolerated that smile that nothing made disappear. Even the death threat did not really bother him. He immediately sent for the wise men of the palace when the humble man departed. He had to solve this riddle.

When the sages were gathered, he commanded them to explain to him why the servant was happy with this miserable life and that he could not stop being sad. One of the wise men spoke and said:” It's simple. The servant is happy because he still does not know the circle of 99 '.The king was intrigued. What was the famous circle of 99?

The wise man then told him that it was useless to explain in words the meaning of the circle of 99. It was best to verify it with his own eyes. It was only necessary to collect 99 pieces of pure gold.He would show him how, entering the circle of 99, whoever was a happy man would become an unhappy being. The king accepted the test.

The entry into the circle of 99

The king ordered to collect 99 pieces of solid gold, the most precious of the kingdom.Together with the sage, they put them in a bag and took them secretly to the servant's house. They left them at the foot of the door, with a sign: "This is a reward for being a faithful and dedicated servant. EnjoyThey then stayed hidden to observe what was happening.

The servant suddenly went out and saw the bag. He was surprised. He looked around and entered his house, intrigued. The king and the sage looked at him from without, without being seen.The humble man took the coins and scattered them on the table.

He could not believe what he was seeing. He then began counting his new fortune, armingstacks of 10 pieces. The servant thought something was wrong when he reached the last pile. The latter did not contain 10 pieces, but 9.

The trap of the circle of 99

The servant thought that a room had fallen. He searched everywhere, but he did not find it. Then he says aloud: "Someone saw the package and stole a coin” . He seemed offended. He began to calculate: how long would it take him to get a piece to complete the hundred? He made additions and subtractions.

About five years would be needed while working normally. What if he had a complementary income? He might be able to reduce the number of years to two. What if he asked his wife to work on something too? It is possible that a year suffices to reach its goal …

The servant became from then on became very anxious and distrustful. He suspected everyone in the palace. He thought that one of them had stolen the coin which, according to him, was missing from his fortune. The servant was also afraid of being stolen again.

He kept making new plans to complete his one hundred coins. He was stuck in the circle of 99.He no longer thought about what he had, but what he missed. The wise man was absolutely right.

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