The caresses can heal you

The caresses can heal you

There is a part of our body that we always have in our field of vision, these two companions with whom we work, we wash ourselves and we express ourselves: our hands, those with which we caress, with whom we speak. magic language that allows us to communicate and heal.

caressing power of caresses

According to various studies conducted by "American Journal Psychiatry", caresses are meaningful therapeutic gestures, expressions that have more power over us than any medicine.

A hug, or a hand that passes over our face or back, stimulates the production of oxytocin. This hormone allows the body to relax, and relaxation helps fight against sadness and depression.

These positive stimuli that we receive from our peers have an importance of which we should all be aware. Indeed, they determine our emotional maturity, and even our evolution as a person.

For example, several studies have been conducted on children without families who have been forced to grow up in orphanages where poverty, rare social attention and marginalization have marked their existence.

They are children who no longer cry, simply because they no longer hope to be interested in them; and who, in adolescence, have developed a neurosis and can not find their place in society. This difficulty is due to personality issues.

We are all the more aware of the seriousness of the situation when we compare these people to those who had a childhood where physical contact and caresses were the key words.

For babies to benefit from good emotional and social developmentit is important to take them in our arms and not to neglect skin to skin. The marks of affection like cuddles or just a hand on us translate the birth and expression of shared feelings. On the other hand, affection promotes trust.

the caresses calm the stress

Human contact has a tranquilizing effect; it is a balm to feel integrated and reaffirm.

Someone who lacks affection could enter into a process of sadness and isolation that would promote depression. And this applies to all ages: children who feel abandoned to couples where physical and emotional contact is rare so that the couple members move away to separate; going through seniors who do not receive affection or understanding from those around them …

There are many examples, but everyone agrees on one point: people who lack affection seek contact, tenderness and compassion. They want to give and receive, simply.

Sometimes even animals illustrate these attitudes. Think about your pet, like your dog or cat.

When he settles next to you, against your blank, you are forced to put your hand on him and give him tenderness, quite naturally … as if the most important thing for these animals was simply to feel loved by receiving a caress.

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