The benefits of school canteen

The benefits of school canteen

Eating habits continue to be a concern for parents around the world. It is essential that children eat well, but on more than one occasion, meals become a big battlefield. This generates anxiety and rejection, which can affect other aspects of our relationship with them.

Enrolling our children in the school canteen is a possible solution to certain attitudes towards food. In addition, it offers many other benefits and the opportunity to preserve the relationship we have with them.

The school canteen is a service provided by most schools and is integrated in the operation of these schoolsbecause they also understand that in these stages, nutrition and nutrition are of vital importance. In this article, we will analyze the benefits that these centers offer us, both on a personal and family level.

"An empty stomach is a bad counselor."

Albert Einstein

The benefits of school canteen

The school canteen is conceived as an additional form of health educationbecause it encourages the development of hygiene habits and promotes good nutrition.

Another advantage is that children learn to use cutlery and napkins properlyas well as to adopt a good body posture when eating. In addition, they will learn to respect their peers and the cafeteria staff.

Eating at school helps children develop co-operative and camaraderie skills because the volume of the voice needs to be moderate to encourage conversation.

Social skills are also developed in these spaces. Our children will spend time with their classmates outside of class in a more relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. They will be able to sit down with new friends and build relationships with others or connect with others they already know.

On the other hand, registering them in the school cafeteria helps us balance our work and the free time we spend with our children. Thus, thanks to the new habits that they acquire by eating at school, we will be able to spend quality time with them, without having dinner and lunch being a battlefield. In fact, it is very likely that once they have acquired certain habits in the school cafeteria, they will generalize them at home, provided we maintain the same guidelines.

When should we enroll our children in the school canteen?

Below, we will see some cases in which it is advisable to take our children to the school canteen.

If your child does not eat well

Mimicry is fundamental for children's learning. Like this, it is very likely that when you see your friends eating, they will also be encouraged. When they are with us, they have our full attention if they do not eat, which allows them to reinforce their bad habits. In the school canteen, however, they do not enjoy as much attention or pressure, which causes them to eat on their own.

If your child has trouble making friends

The school canteen is a space to share moments with others and interact. Everyone sits down with everyone. Furthermore, meal time is a moment of relaxation, ideal for building relationships and having fun.

If you have little time to cook

One of the most common reasons for enrolling children in the school canteen is often the short time available for cooking. In fact, we often use prefabricated foods for this reason. In the canteen, employees prepare healthy and balanced food, which is why it is always a great option.

"Nobody gets bored at the table during the first hour."

-Anthelme Brillat-Savarin-

If your child has allergies

Allergies tend to separate children and give them special treatment. The school canteen treats children's needs with care and will not allow their allergies to be a cause of separation or discrimination from their other peers. In this way, the child can eat like any other and will not feel left out, so he can accept his allergy more naturally.

If your child does not respect meal times

The school cafeteria has some steps that are repeated every day and that all children know. They must therefore submit to it. On the other hand, the schedules establish a limited time which favors their concentration at the time of eating and especially, they teach them not to drag on during the meals.

If your eating habits are not perfect

Sometimes we want our children to eat everything and eat healthy, but we do not like vegetables or other foods and we can not be the example they need for a healthy and balanced diet.

Although it would be ideal to eat well at dinner or during weekends, the reality is that the school canteen is an example of good eating habits for our children.

"The best way to stay healthy is to eat what you do not want to eat, drink what you do not want to drink, and do things you do not like to do."

-Mark Twain-

Healthy habits, tasting and consumption of all kinds of foods, as well as the routines and social skills that children learn at the school canteen can be very useful when they return to the family moments that make up their evenings, their holidays and their weekends.

As we can see, the school canteen offers great benefits for us and our children. Let's enjoy them at school and at home and help improve the meals we share with the youngest members of the family.

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