The benefits of laughter

The benefits of laughter

Robert Baden-Powell said that "the best way to overcome the difficulties is to shoot them with a beautiful smile".

Laughter is a powerful tool we all have. He can fight the pain, show our contentment or thanks. But the smile is above all the best companions to help us overcome the disease.

Laughing is good for the health, not only for the feeling of well-being and wholeness that we feel when we smile, but because it is proven that when we laugh, our body produces a substance that causes beneficial effects for our organization.

Adopting laughter as a therapy lifts our spirits and can help overcome the disease. These benefits are scientifically proven and, to date, there are several clinics in the world that adopt the therapy of laughter in the treatment of certain pathologies.

How is laughing good for your health?

Bursting laughter triggers the psychological, neurological and physiological processes that act positively on our immune system.

Want to know why laughing is good for your health? Read the rest of this article to discover its effects on our daily lives:

Laughter helps to overcome anxiety and depressionWhen we laugh, we promote the production of positive waves because the levels of serotonin, endorphin, oxytocin and dopamine are regulated (the hormones that affect our morale).

• Laughter reduces stress: stress weakens our immune system, increases blood pressure, muscle contraction and heart problems.However, laughter produces the opposite effect. It strengthens the immune system, relaxes muscles, improves blood circulation and protects the heart.

• Laughter makes us more creative: when we feel sad and downcast, our thoughts tend to be unclear. We are unable to think clearly, to find solutions to our problems, we are lost and lose our memory.

When our morale is good, we see things more clearly, and laughter stimulates the production of catecholamines, a chemical that acts on creativity and memory.

Laughter makes us more receptive: our morale also depends largely on our sense of humor.When we feel happy, we are more receptive and interact with others, and social relationships improve our quality of life.

Laughter is, without a doubt, an obvious sign of positive emotions. The smile then becomes the best way to express our happiness and our inner fullness. And this happiness can spread and contaminate the people around us.

So, follow Charlie Chaplin's advice and "never forget to smile, because the day you will not smile, will be lost one day".

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