The benefits of laughter

The benefits of laughter

"Faced with the irritation of any type of authority, children are showing considerable energy to" clown ". They do not want to distinguish the severity of our exaggerated concerns, whereas we as adults, if we act a little more like children, our concerns might not be so disproportionate "

(Conrad Hyers)

Stop for a few moments and think about how many times a day something or someone makes you smile.

How long have you really laughed atu deeper of your being, throats?

A child laughs on average 400 times a day. The adult, him, between 15 and 20 times.

What happened on the road to adulthood so that we lose this ability?

Most of the time, mature is associated with seriousness. It is considered that laughter is a fundamental characteristic of childhood.

By emphasizing this belief that laughter is a child's behavior, we create mental patterns that push to put it aside when growing up.

Thus, we fall into the formal equation that formalism implies seriousness. It is by taking this path that we gradually lose our sense of humor, our laughter, and our ability to be surprised at things.

The fear of not being taken seriously or not being professional pushes us to hide our laughter.

What a bad deduction! Because it's one thing to take a laugh and it's another to have a sense of humor.

Paradoxically, laughter is the language of intelligent people. In the end, humor transgresses things intrinsically.

Thanks to him, we can break the mussels pre-established by the dogmatic society. He gives us other prisms, and other ways of seeing things.

When we have different points of view, we can appreciate all the nuances of things.

Learn to perceive yourself with distance, do not take yourself so seriously. Laughter helps to put situations into perspective and to learn to see things from another point of view.

Imagine a setting: if you get too close to see it, you will not be able to fully enjoy it as a whole.

You will only see part of it. With the problems, it's the same. Thanks to the laugh you can visualize this "frame" from all angles.

Save your sense of humor!

Be authentic!

An authentic sense of humor will be the best foundation for you to manage your emotions.

Laugh endless journeys, these stilted people. Laugh at your stupidities, your insecurities, your jealousy.

No more worries and worries! There are enough dramas, shortages and sentences in the world.

Laugh at your clumsiness, your mistakes. Laughter frees, relieves. It makes you fly.

Laugh until it becomes contagious, to free you from stress and negativity!

Look for a smart person who has the power to laugh as much as you. The best relationships are built with a sense of humor.

Laughter creates a sense of closeness to the other, and there is nothing more fun than laughing with a friend about something you only understand.

Consider and value people who make you laugh, because they will do you more good than any tranquilizer or antidepressant.

Remember, sometimes laughing is the most serious thing to do.

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