The beautiful story of the chained elephant

The beautiful story of the chained elephant

The story of the chained elephant tells us that a very playful, curious and funny child lived in a small village.His parents had a farm and he considered all animals as his friends. Chickens, ducks, pigs and cows were his playmates. He gave them a name and spoke to them as if they could understand him.

One day, a gigantic circus came to settle next to the village. The child in the story of the enchanted elephant had never seen one before.His comrades spoke only of this event. When they left school, everyone was going to watch how the tent was set up and how the circus people prepared everything for the first performance.

The child asked his parents to take him to the circus.He was dying to watch the jugglers, the clowns and, of course, the tamer. He had noticed the presence of mysterious and colossal animals. A tiger, a lion, an elephant and several zebras. A real treasure for the little boy.

"When the attachment is based only on habit and when the goals that gave meaning and transcendence no longer appear, it is time to move forward."

-Sergio Sinay-

A circus night

The parents of the child agreed to take him away. The little one was excited.He was almost unable to sleep because he knew he was finally going to see this long-awaited show that intrigued him. On Sunday morning he got up at the first light of dawn. He prepared himself at full speed. But the hours did not pass. Finally, the long-awaited moment arrived.

The parents bought popcorn and sweets for the little one. He savored them but enjoyed even more the spectacle which seemed to him supernatural. He adored the trapeze artists and, of course, the numbers with the animals. The lion was so docile that he greeted the public. The zebras were so agile that they ran in a circle without losing the rhythm.And the elephant was so nice that he got up on his back legs and had fun with the clowns.

The child was so fascinated that he wanted, at the end of the performance, to go see the artists and the wonderful animals. And that is what he did. He walked with his parents and saw that the big cats were in cages.The elephant, however, was outside. The little boy approached him and saw that he was tied at a stake with a huge chain. The animal did not move. He was just there, quietly.

The plot of the story of the elephant chained

The story of the chained elephant tells that the child went home, thoughtful. He had not liked to see the animals locked in their cages. However,it was the elephant that had most marked him. He was free but at the same time tied up.Even though it was a big chain, it was obvious that the elephant could get rid of it when he wanted to. After all, it was a gigantic animal.

The little boy asked his parents why the elephant was tied with chains. These answered him "so he does not run away. "So that he does not run away? He could run away when he wanted to! A chain and a stake were not obstacles for him.So, "why does he not run away? "asked the child. His parents shrugged and said nothing.

The child remained immersed in his thoughts and the next day asked the same question to his natural science teacher.She offered him a clear answer: "He does not run away because he was trained. "And she explained to him what dressage was.

Reasons not to run away

The little boy in the story of the chained elephant then realized that even though the animal was big, he had also been small at some point in his life. And it was precisely during this period of his life that he had been fixed a chain to the paw, a chain attached to a stake.The child imagined the elephant baby struggling to break free from this link, without success.

He realized that the elephant had not realized two things: that he had grown up and was now a great animal.In his mind, he kept only the memory of this fierce fight against a chain and a stake that did not give way. Now he was not even trying to get rid of it when he could easily do it. The memory of this impossibility of the past was stronger than the real possibility of the present.

The story of the chained elephant looks a lot like thea large number of people who remain fixated on a bad experience of the past. They never give a chance to what has failedfor the memory of a past evil is stronger than the real possibilities of a present that could change everything.

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