The art of not thinking

The art of not thinking

Family, friends, politics or work (or, on the contrary, unemployment) continually occupy our minds.

Simple things like exposing a project to co-workers or saying what we feel to the person we are interested in can solicit all our brain resources. We think of a thousand and one ways out, but ultimately, no option seems to be an adequate solution.

The best way to overcome situations of this type is to stay natural, calm and calm. Thus, our interlocutors will be just as quiet and calm. But, how do you get there? Just do not think, simply. Finally, "simply" … It's still easier said than done.

Try not to think

Try to think of nothing for a minute. Opt for a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Lie down or sit down, but in any case, keep your back straight, and get comfortable.

All you have to do is put your mind to sleep.

That's it ? The minute is over? So what did it give? You remembered that you had not yet walked the dog … Ouch! Of those of you who have tried the experiment, many of you have had such thoughts, have not you?

Do not worry, it's normal: the field of the mind is something very complex. However, our brain, just like the other organs of our body, must work 24 hours a day.

In fact, if we sleep, it is among others to allow our brain to stay in motion. Some say that if we did not sleep, we would die. Indeed, a mind that does not work is like a heart that stops beating, but that's another story …

Let's get back to the topic that interests us in this article. There are tips that can help us keep our minds in a state of total relaxation. Since the mind must always be thinking of something, we try to make "this something" as relaxing as possible. Here are some tips:

Tip # 1: Think of something that is entertaining you. It can be a paradise beach, a beautiful park, or a dolphin crisscrossing the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean (or the Atlantic). Remembering one of your best memories can help you too.

Tip # 2: Concentrate on your breathing, listen to how your body inspires and exhales air; it's the only thing that matters to you. During this relaxation session, probably at one time or another, your mind will go astray and drift to other thoughts. When that happens, the important thing is to refocus on your breathing.

Such an exercise may seem boring if you have never done it, but we invite you to try because you will see results.

Are you wondering how long it is advisable to practice this exercise? One minute a day is enough, even if it's hard to believe for you.

Maybe the first day, you will not see any difference, and you will not feel invaded by a feeling of absolute peace … but, day after day, you will improve your technique, and with it, the results.

If you have fifteen minutes free per day, you can also use them to relax. Everything depends on you.

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