The art of motivation

The art of motivation

You've probably heard the talk of people who shared with you their apathy about life, such as: "I have no idea what I want to do with my life!" I do not care! "," Why waste my time trying? "

In many cases, this attitude is caused by lack of motivation.

In reality,we are full of expectations that we do not fulfill and instead of looking for other ways to achieve our goals, we abandon the mission.

It is here that we begin to fall into a state of sloppiness and stop adopting an attitude of perseverance.

"Accept" is the first step. Then, try to understand what is causing this attitude.

If you spend your time refusing to see reality from another angle, you have probably lost sight of the main causes that have triggered all these difficulties that you no longer know how to deal with.

What's holding me back?

The feeling of stagnation usually appears when there is a demotivation. The perception that we are not going to any direction, that the obstacles are too great, or that our life has no meaning, are thoughts that tend to become persistent when we do not turn to reality in order to change it .

Thus, to overcome the mental negativity, it is often necessary to start at the end, that is to say, by doing activities that attracted us and do not attract us now, so as to cause the desire to come back to them. .

An alternative, which can help get rid of these dangerously fixed concepts, is to answer the following question: What prevents me from moving forward?

Take a white paper with a pencil and write down all the reasons that come to your mind. Then situate them and try to define exactly what causes them and what they produce.

Give up the "comfort zone"

We want to reevaluate the state of mind that makes you feel safe and comfortable with what is present around you.

Your comfort zone is an emotional zone in which you have stayed for a long time, and in which you feel that you have learned enough to be able to control your environment. This is where you go when you are looking for security.

The negative is not to be in this comfort zone, but it is to stay there permanently. Living permanently in this area causes us to get bogged down, we feed more fears about what is outside and overestimate the risks of taking any action that would not be in that area that we do not want to give up.

Mental barriers can turn against us and become the most dangerous enemy for ourselves. If you want positive changes in your life, you must know that the formula used forever will only give the same result. Dare to live new experiences!

Short term action

After identifying the origin of this mental blockage, perform some small tasks that you have suspended, such as cleaning your room or this call you promised, catching up on work, etc.

Take notes of everything you need to solve during the week, and if it is necessary to postpone a commitment, do it.

Often these tasks that we delay because we do not like them are a real hindrance to our mood because they have an incredible facility to join the cycles of thoughts of demotivation.

So you probably had it when you spent an afternoon or a morning doing all these things and felt like a release from that weight.

All this can be the beginning of a new stage, since you will have a more positive vision of reality and your life can take the path of success.

Obstacles will always be present on our road and to overcome them is part of the course. Nourish yourself with new knowledge, free yourself from those boundaries that are only in your thoughts and dare to live …

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