The art of kissing

The art of kissing

The kiss is the most affectionate and the most direct way to give tenderness to others. We give a kiss to say hello, or just to say "I love you" to his half.

But you must know that the kiss is not only part of Western culture; it is also well rooted in other cultures.

For example, in Arab culture, people make three kisses to say hello, and even between men. It is a mark of expansiveness and great respect.

On the other hand, in Spain and the other Latin-American countries, it's two kisses, and in the United States or England, it's one. On the contrary, in other countries, such as Japan, there is no physical contact.

Are you in a relationship and do you like to kiss your mate? Kisses not only bring tenderness and affection, but they also have many other benefits that we will present in this article.

Kissing is good for your health

Although it may seem surprising, kissing someone, we play sports! Indeed, when we kiss someone, we use more than thirty muscles of our face.

This allows us to have a smoother and healthier complexion. On the other hand, when we kiss someone, we burn one to two calories per minute.

Finally, the exchange of saliva makes it possible to reinforce the immune system. The union of the two languages ​​gives rise to more saliva, which favors the fight against bacteria.

An effective weapon against stress and pain

One of the greatest benefits of kissing is to allow us to evacuate any form of stress.When we kiss someone we love, our brain releases oxytocin, the hormone responsible for regulating the level of stress, just like endorphins.

Oxytocin and endorphins are the two main hormones of happiness.

Kissing your mate, or relaxing the mood after an argument

Imagine that you have just quarreled with your mate, and you can not find common ground.

You can relax the atmosphere simply by kissing her.Such an initiative will surely bear fruit, and you will also strengthen your ties.

In the end, kissing is an act that many people forget or underestimate because they do not know the many benefits of kissing.

So, embrace without restraint your other half, the people you love or your friends. They will surely thank you by kissing you in turn!

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