The arrows of our fear

The arrows of our fear

From Alejandro Jodorowsky:

"A young boy, to become the best archer in the world, wants to chase the moon Night after night, tirelessly, he throws his arrows at the star, his family and friends start to make fun of him. None of his appointments, he continues to throw his arrows.If he has never managed to chase the moon, he became the best archer in the world.

When we dedicate all our passion and soul to reach our dreams, life always offers us something wonderful and unexpected.

To achieve our ambitions, it is essential to eliminate all our fears, to enable us to achieve everything we dream of.

Often we get old and get sick without trying to realize our most secret passions, without discovering our qualities at work, and without trying to become the person we would really like to be.

We arrive at the end of our life without having the impression of having lived it intensely. If we had the strength to chase our desires (not taking into account mockery, rumors, counter-times, etc.), our life would have been absolutely different.

This makes you think?

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