The 7 things we learn from a single woman

The 7 things we learn from a single woman

From the age of 30, life is not an explosion, but an art in motion

Many say there is no such thing as early youth. All to a sweet candy taste, we bronze without protection, the first kisses bring us to nights of endless dreams.

We do not remember days spent crying because we did not receive an answer, long periods of exams, etc.

Carrie claims in the world-famous series "Sex in the city", that the true youth arrives at the age of 30 years.

Your friends are the ones you chose, the others stayed on the way. An unanswered message now becomes "what do girls do tonight" or "he does not know what he's losing".

Here we present some basic lessons:

1. We do not go out to flirt, but to have fun, and that's when the most interesting things happen.

Make it interesting for a man to be interested in you? 30-year-old women know that they are interesting, so if they can take the initiative, they do it.

2. Write is therapeutic

Carrie is a little neurotic, but this mill of ideas finds its meaning when she sits in front of her computer. It sounds like a somewhat impersonal relationship, but it's actually a moment of reflection and peace.

After observing what is happening, she tries to make a conclusion. She tries to write what happens to her. Nothing seems so really chaotic once written on a paper or computer screen. However, it also shows us that it can be fragile, human and completely lost, while being wonderful.

3. It's not the heels that make you wonderful, but how to wear them

Carrie's fascination with her heels may seem purely superficial and materialistic, but it's more than that. Carrie wears in her shoes the metaphor of her life.

"It's a fact: It's not obvious that others are putting themselves in the shoes of a single woman. That's why we singles, we need shoes that we like, so walking with them is fun. "

EShe tells us that being single is not an easy thing, we must try to get away from the drama. Being well-dressed is a good idea, as single women walk a long way alone and have to feel good about themselves.

It's useless to spend a fortune on shoes if you do not think they're really worth it for you and compared to the moment you're living.

For a single woman, her heels are not just a luxury, it's a way of believing that she can achieve alone the path she has to go, with a lot of style, of course.

4. The search for love is difficult, but it is worth it

She never hides her feelings, whether in love or devastation, but she considers it a worthy price to pay for a full and rich life.

She does not use strategies, she does not look for shortcuts, she makes mistakes, she is impulsive, but she believes in the magic of love, that love that we do not choose but the one we feel and then decide to keep with reason, listening to our heart.

She is a courageous woman, she does not take the first comer who falls in love with her if she thinks that she does not really correspond to him. She wants to love by staying herself and without expecting anything in return, feeling fully fulfilled.

I'm looking for love. A real love. A love that makes you feel that you can not live without the other.

5. With friends, sentences are lower

Several studies say so and the facts show it. Good friends are a reflection of what we value unconsciously, and they are our other "we", seen from the outside.

Sometimes friends argue, they get away, but a good friend is the best medicine when the soul is sad.

It is said that nothing is forever: dreams change, trends come and go … but friendship never goes out of fashion.

6. Do not try to change, do not change your passion to look better in your man's eyes

When Mr. Big (nickname of Carrie's great love in the series) is going to marry another, doubts invade him. Her friends and she start sketching theories, wondering if she's not too complicated.

At this moment, Carrie spontaneously decides to end her relationship with her beloved to seek answers. She does not get everything she hoped for, but no matter, her blonde hair is like a wild horse that does not want to be tamed.

Maybe some women are not made to be tamed, and have to run free until they meet someone as wild as they are with them.

7. The relationship you have with others is exciting, but the one that needs to be the most, is the one you have with yourself

At the end of the series we can understand that Carrie Bradshaw is a woman in search of love, but above all, in search of herself.


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