The 7 best sentences of Ernest Hemingway

The 7 best sentences of Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway's sentences have inspired many of his readers.They are a gift for anyone who wants to delve into himself and deepen the vision of one of the great writers of the twentieth century.

Ernest Hemingway was an American writer and journalist. hewon the Pulitzer Prize in 1953 forThe Old Man and the Sea, and the Nobel Prize for Literaturein 1954for his complete works. In retracing his literary career, we have found seven novels, two essays, four collections of short stories and, posthumously, three novels, three essays and four other storybooks.

Hemingway was not in favor of planning his writings.He liked to discover by writing. He liked, however, to retrace his steps to correct, to learn. He himself confessed to a journalist ofThe Paris Review, another peculiarity: he wrote standing on a table at chest height, on which he had his typewriter and notebooks. Hemingway also noted each day the number of words he had written on a sheet stuck to the wall to know how the day had worked (his goal was to reach 500 to 600 words).

As we see, Hemingway was a routine man with a sober style, borrowing from austerity andvery committed to writing.So much so that he considered it a private act. He did not show his works to anyone until they were finished. He also thought that the exercise of writing required solitude and concentration.

Whether or not we appreciate his work, there is no doubt that Hemingway had a gift for writing.His stories ushered in something like a new type of realism, whose roots are reflected in nineteenth-century American stories, but with a tendency to hard everyday life with poetic features. He undoubtedly left a precious legacy on which we will sail today recalling some of his best phrases.

The ability to surpass oneself

"There is nothing noble to be superior to one's neighbor, true nobility is to be superior to one's previous self."
Here is one of Ernest Hemingway's sentences that can enrich our relationships.True greatness is not about going beyond others, but about going beyond oneself. To continue to grow despite storms, obstacles or challenges. Through storms, obstacles or challenges. Our great contradiction is perhaps that which expresses itself precisely in this idea: what appeals to us the most is perhaps what can also feed us the most.

The wisdom of listening

"I like to listen, I learned a lot from listening attentively, most people never listen."
Ernest Hemingway knew it perfectly: few people really know how to listen. Most only hear, lending meaning but not attention. Listening is one of the best tools for creating strong and intimate relationships.

When we listen, we pay special attention because we all turn our senses towards each other.We stop focusing on ourselves to make the other and its history visible. To connect deeply to the emotional level. Only then can we create meaningful and authentic relationships.

Self-esteem as support

"The most painful thing is getting lost in the process of loving someone too much and forgetting that we are also special."

Here is another of Ernest Hemingway's sentences that we should engrave ourselves in our minds.To lose oneself by loving the other is one of the greatest losses we can suffer.We become invisible to our own eyes.

It is essential, to truly love others, to have a strong self-esteem.The latter is based on the habit ofvalue beyond our mistakes and reproaches. Only in this way can we give the best of ourselves. We will give half if it is different, with gaps and emotional needs that will cause us to wait for others to fill them.

The inner strength

"The world is breaking us all, and so, many are strong in broken places."

We all break at times. We collapse and we think that it is impossible to recover, to rebuild. That's when we have to tap intoour inner strength. The one who stays asleep when everything is fine.

There is always the possibility of recovering, of continuing to accumulate ingenuity and willpowerdespite misfortunes, breaks, losses and bad times. We are indeed the ones who must bounce back and find outings allowing us to reincorporate.

Cowardice as an illusion

"Cowardice … is almost always a mere inability to stop the functioning of the imagination."

The ghosts from which fear is born are often illusions that levitate in our minds.So many people whom we consider courageous are ultimately not people with higher value. They are intelligent people when they process the thoughts they generate themselves.

The unnecessary concern

"Worry a little every day and you'll lose a few years of life If something goes wrong, fix it if you can But be prepared not to worry: the concern never helps . "

Here is another of Ernest Hemingway's sentences that we must remember the most.To worry is to waste time. Spoil a little of life.Indeed, what is the point of rehearsing things instead of acting?

If there is the possibility to act to solve what worries us, it is better that we act before before being completely submerged with fears and fears.Stillness has never led to success.Therefore, let's take more care and worry less.

The constant option to try

"Before you react, think, before you spend, win, before you criticize, wait, before you give up, try."

Here is a powerful sentence to stop our impulses and give ourselves the opportunity to reason.It is better to calm the nerves and anger of the moment than to conduct actions that we will regret later.

To conclude. Ernest Hemingway's sentences constitute, as a compass, a wonderful thread for reflecting on life, relationships and self-esteem, both for what they say and for what they inspire. Words to use whenever we need them.

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