The 6 rules of intelligent simplicity

The 6 rules of intelligent simplicity

Yves Morieux is a consultant atBoston Consulting Group and professor in several universities around the world. hestudied work environments and businesses.In recent years, he has focused on studying why there is so much unproductivity in business and so little commitment to work. His reflections led him to propose the concept of intelligent simplicity.

Smart simplicity is defined as a capability to transform complex problems into cooperative, concrete and easily understandable solutions for all. Yves Morieux focused this concept mainly on the problems of cooperation and integration in companies. It is currently applicable to all types of groups and even individual actions.

” The fault is not to have failed, but not to have helped or asked for help. “

-Jorgen Vig Knudstorp-

The 6 smart simplicity rules are guidelines to allow organizations and groupswork better. In particular, they tend to favor the work climate, motivation and solidarity. This is also a factor that increases productivity and commitment. Let's see what they consist of.

1. Understand what others are doing, the basis of smart simplicity

In the case of organizations,if each worker really understands the functions of his colleagueshe can also better understand these. This goes beyond the mere description of functions. Everyone must truly understand the complexity of what the other is doing.

This rule of intelligent simplicity can also be applied in other groups and in personal relationships.It means making the effort to really put yourself in the other's shoes. Not in a superficial waybut understanding the complexity of its place in the world.

2. Strengthen integrators

Reinforcing integrators in the workplace means giving more power and autonomy to leaders or bosses. In other words, allow them to decide without having to follow complex protocols control or procedure, especially for decisions relating to cooperation.

This principle of intelligent simplicity can also be applied in the personal life. That meansfacilitate the decisions of those with more ability or competence to reconcile interests or to promote. Many conflicts will be avoided if these people enjoy broad support.

3. Increase the power of all members

Workers generally respond with a higher level of engagement.when they feel they have a margin of power in their work. Smart simplicity indicates that employees need to be empowered to use their own criteria and intelligence in their work.

This is also applicable in family and couple life. It is very healthy to seek the balance of power.That each member has their own margin of control over the space, objective and subjective, which is shared. It means that we will be better disposed to others.

4. Extend the shadow of the future

"The shadow of the future" is an interesting concept proposed by Yves Morieux.This means, in very simple terms, "creatingof the feedback cycles”  . In other words, organize the activities in cycles. And evaluate, when they finish, the consequences of the actions that were undertaken at the beginning of these cycles.

It is essential to provide feedback on actions. Both in the personal world and in the world of work.Feedback promotes intelligent simplicity. Indeed, it leads everyone to commit. It also helps to identify the points or aspects of our behavior or activity that are causing problems.

5. Increase reciprocity

It is also very important to strengthen reciprocity and promote self-reliance.Autonomy is not synonymous with self-sufficiency. Indeed, we need others both in professional life and in everyday life. There are nevertheless obstacles to avoiding cooperation. "Everyone lives as he sees fit," the saying goes.

These mental and sometimes material barriers do not facilitate intelligent simplicity. Indeed, uborn Mutual collaboration builds bonds, improves the climate around us. So that everything tends to improve. Co-operative cultures are more effective and have greater emotional well-being.

6. Reward those who cooperate

Solidarity is very important for achieving common goals. Therefore,all cooperative behaviors must be systematically reinforced. The best way to do this is to recognize them and reward them in one way or another. This is necessary to reintroduce this great value in the culture, in the family, in the couple, etc.

The underlying idea is that any difficulty or conflict can be resolved if cooperation exists.The results are generally optimal if we ask for or offer help in a timely manner. Solidarity is therefore an essential value to install, strengthen and promote.

The rules of intelligent simplicity are the result of great studies and long reflections. They were tested in practice andhave proven effective in getting something that is very important in professional and personal life: focus on what's important and give up what is trivial.

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