The 6 paws of my spider, my personal fulfillment

The 6 paws of my spider, my personal fulfillment

Today, we will tell you the beautiful metaphor of the 6 legs of our spider.We encourage you to read this article to discover the magical pillars that we can enjoy in our life, for our personal fulfillment.

The metaphor is to think that we are all small spiders with 6 legs, who are responsible for maintaining themselves and are all equally important.

These 6 small legs are our cement, which allows us to stand and that helps us move forward with happiness and enthusiasm, allowing us to move forward and backward as part of our personal growth.

What are the 6 legs of our spider?

– First leg: friendship. It is one of the most important pillars of the social life of every human being.

Sharing full and sincere relationships fills us with happiness and allows us to learn each day and move forward in our inner growth.

For that, it is important to take care of our friendships while being pampered by them.

Work your dignity in a balanced way by trying to put aside your pride.Make efforts and learn to be assertive and say no when you think it's necessary.

Emphasize your surroundings and take care to avoid any toxic relationship, which only generates unnecessary suffering and emotional waste for your person.

Remember that in personal relationships, quality is much more important than quantity.

– Second leg: love. Love is the basis of all vital movements. People seek to be loved and desired, always starting from a true feeling, full of authenticity and kindness.

The most important love of all is the one we must feel for ourselves. If we are in a relationship with the person we love, we must take care of it and understand it. To enjoy a healthy emotional relationship, it is necessary to cultivate patience and good communication.

– Third leg: your person. As we said in the previous point, we often drop our own personal needs, to take care of our loved ones.Do not forget yourself is the key.

The appearance we release is the mirror of our inner state, and our reflection shows if we take care of ourselves or not.

Spend time on yourself, do things you love to do, do not think too much about what others think about you, and spend at least 30 minutes a day doing things that please you.

Always try to devote yourself a moment, because you deserve it widely. If you do not know how to love yourself, you will not be able to love those around you.

In this regard, physical and mental health is very important. Practice sport and spend time in nature. This will allow you to reconnect with your interior and generate hormones of happiness and wholeness.

– Fourth leg: the family. At some point, we all become aware that we are not the center of the universe and we value the value and support our parents represent in our lives. Take care of them.

It is obvious that in all families, there is always a "black sheep" but it is surely this person who, many times, has reached out to you when you needed it.

Give them the benefit of unconditional love and stop complaining about one or the other. If you really think of the feelings you feel when you are near them, you will realize how lucky you are.

We urge you to make a clean sweep and think, "Why do not I give them an opportunity?"

Try and perhaps they will surprise you with the sweetness and the love they will bring you, this unconditional love brought by parents, brothers and sisters, grandparents, etc.

This is one of the most important legs that we tend to devalue. Do not wait for some people to miss you to realize it.

– Fifth leg: life and professional work. This paw boils down to questions that one can ask oneself, about professional work and career: What do you like? What are you worried about? Are you motivated by your work?

We spend most of our time working. So, are you going to live doing something that you do not like? This is the question that always consoles us and opens doors for us.

We all deserve to live for our dreams, and achieve the goals that our hearts ask of us. If you are able to dream about it, you are able to realize it and you have all the tools to achieve it.

Dare, venture into happiness, and do not spend your time complaining, because being an adult does not mean that you can not study what you like, on the contrary.

Even more admirably and with more possibilities, you will get what you want thanks to the experience gained in life during all these years.

– Sixth leg: Your hobbies.As José Mujica, the former President of Uruguay, rightly says, "When you buy with money, you do not buy with money, you buy the time of your life that you had to spend to get that money." 

Starting from this great reflection, did you realize that when we neglect ourselves or do not spend enough time on leisure, we only live to work?

It is very important to learn to take advantage of our time to do things that we like with the people we love and who love us, to strengthen your inner and personal fulfillment.

Do not just think about working and suffering. Be realistic, we are born to learn and above all, to enjoy life.

You must be responsible for your work and your career path, but do not forget to put your person first. Enrich yourself with all that life offers you and enjoy!

We hope that this precious metaphor will have filled you with the heart of fullness and optimism, and will help you develop and flourish personally.

If you think one of your paws needs more care, do not worry. This does not mean that other legs have a problem or need so much care.

The 6 legs bring you stability because they support each other.

Just worry about pampering them, giving them all your love and taking care of your little spider's heart.

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