The 5-minute diary to feel more complete

The 5-minute diary to feel more complete

Writing an emotional diary or simply our thoughts in a notebook is a powerful tool for taking stock of ourselves and being in touch with our inner self. Other methods, such as the five-minute diary, can also help us. The latter has enjoyed considerable success in recent years. Many people bought it, and others made it themselves. Why did he become so famous?

The 5-minute diary was a great success because, as its name suggests, it only takes 5 minutes a day. So that we can no longer resort to the excuse of lack of time to write. The ideal is to distribute these minutes between morning and evening. The two moments of the day when we have to take a little time to be with ourselves. Deepen.

The 5-minute diary

Although we can acquire the original notebookFive minute newspaperwe might also want to give it a personal touch.It is therefore possible to choose a notebook that we like or any other material in which we can write.

We can also use stickers, post-its or highlighters to highlight any phrase we want to remember and keep in mind. We can give personality to our newspaper so that it encourages us even more to write. But what should be included?

Start the day with gratitude and gratitude

Let's grab our 5-minute diary when we get up in the morning.The first thing we will do is to write 3 things for which we are grateful. For example, have a bed to sleep, be able to go to work or have a plan with our best friend.

"Being grateful can completely change your life overnight, just say the words."

-Margaret Cousins-

We will then write 3 other things that will make the day great. For example, eat healthy, go to the gym or call our parents. NOTou also write positive affirmations or motivational phrases such as "I am able", "I can" or "I feel good".This will help us face the day with more energy.

Think before falling asleep

In the evening, after going to bed, in silence, without music and with the television off, we will take our 5-minute diary forthink about everything that happened during the day. We will then write 3 things that we consider truly wonderful. For example, seeing the sunset, meeting a particular person, or passing an exam.

We will then write 3 things that we think we need to improve. It may be better to manage our emotions, face our shyness or rely more on our skills. We must be very sincere here and avoid making mistakes. Indeed, being aware of what we need to improve will allow us to grow and surpass ourselves.

Feel more complete and happy

It is necessary to write every day in our five-minute diary to note all the benefits that this activity will bring us. Indeed, we devote these brief minutes daily that, over the weeks, our attitude will be much more positive and we will feel more motivated.

We will also begin to appreciate the smallest things of the day, those that we never repair and which, thanks to the newspaper of 5 minutes, have gradually attracted our attention. Indeed, have we ever been grateful for having a bed to sleep? It helps us to pay attention to everything that makes us feel good. Not to focus only on what is harmful to us or what makes us suffer.

"Man spends his life seeking happiness without knowing that he is carrying it in him."


In addition, the 5-minute diary will help us feel much more calm and balanced. This can be translated through fullness and happiness.We will begin to relativize the problems and we will feel how we unload this emotional backpack who weighed so much and prevented us from moving forward.

We encourage you to create your own five-minute diary and get into the habit of writing a few minutes a day. You will notice some changes in your attitude, thinking and problems when you have done this activity for about 20 days or a month. Possare you already publishing your 5 minute newspaper? What are you waiting for to get one, or make your own?

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