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The 5 liberties of Virginia Satir to reinforce the self-esteem

To love ourselves is a task that many of us have not yet accomplished. We value, appreciate and treat ourselves with tenderness should not be secondary aspects within our routine; they should be present daily. Prioritizing is fundamental if we want to achieve welfare as well emotional as social.

We are able to express our full potential and build healthy and strong bonds with others only when we treat each other with respect and dignity. Self-knowledge is the key to connect deeply with others. How to find this key? What can we do to start loving ourselves?

The 5 freedoms of Virginia Satir will help us in this. It is a set of powerful statements developed to initiate a personal development process to enhance self-esteem. Let's deepen the subject.

В "В Consider all difficulties as opportunities to create something new, learning and growing from the creative form with which you answer В"

-Virginia Satir-

Freedom to be

В "В The freedom to be and to listen to what is there, instead of what should be, was or will be.В В"

This first freedom of Virginia Satir is related to the importance of authenticity and living this way instead of navigating into the depths of the past, future currents or even under-ideals and external projections.

Our minds can lead us in different ways, some of them will make us slaves of guilt and we will waste time while others will create fictitious realities that will steal us because they will show exactly what we want. In fact, the direction towards which to look and make our way depends only on us.

The key lies in establishing a deep connection with ourselves. If we do, the fantasies of the past will disappear in the same way as future fears and ideals. This is the only way that will enable us to focus our attention on the present to advance and be ourselves, free of filters, masks and distractions.

The freedom to say what we feel and what we think

В "В The freedom to say what we feel and what we think, instead of what we should feel and think.В В"

In the majority of the cases, we fear the fact that our words and our thoughts are not adequate. We fear that we will not receive the approval of others or simply harm them. For this reason, we end up expressing far less than half of what we feel and think.

In this way, we are deceiving ourselves and instead of creating authentic relationships, we are building unstable links and false modesty. It is a double betrayal, first to ourselves because we reject ourselves and secondly to others to hide the person we really are. In fact, let's not forget that we can decide to say nothing so long as it is a personal decision that is not imposed by the outside or to say what others want to hear. .

There is nothing wrong with expressing our feelings and beliefs as soon as we do it with respect and emotional responsibility. In fact, if we want others to know us and accept us for who we are and wish to create noble bonds with them, it is highly recommended.

Freedom to feel

В "В The freedom to feel what one feels, instead of what it should feel.В В"

It is one of the liberties of Virginia Satir that can cost us the most since no one has taught us to identify what we are feeling.It must be borne in mind that each of the emotions is valid, we must not reprimand them or block them because that would prevent us from deepening the marvelous knowledge of ourselves.

Once we know that we are free to live and experience each of the emotions we can feel, it is important to be able to identify the emotional language. Sometimes, sadness hides behind fear or fear is expressed through rage. It is important to listen to the emotions, to focus on how we feel to know each of them and then to manage them.

The emotional world that each of us has inside is a map that does not only help us know who we are, but also helps others. Because if we do not know how others feel, we can hardly answer adequately to the relationship we have established and vice versa.

The freedom to ask

В "В The freedom to ask what one wishes, instead of waiting for permission to do so.В В"

We can not wait for opportunities and people to knock on our door, nor can we comply with everything that happens. We have the freedom to choose and to ask.

Often, people with low self-esteem can act once they are given permission, the result of insecurity. It is as if they were not able to decide for them because someone had deprived them of this right. Although they felt this during their childhood, it's never too late to wake up and raise your voice, to make yourself visible.

Once we know who we are, what we feel and how to express it; the next step is to express it to then go to him and take risks.

Freedom to take risks

В "В The freedom to take risks on its own account, instead of choosing only what is В" В "В" В "and not to venture.В В"

The last of the freedoms of Virginia Satir is related to the taking of risks, to the fact of to leave our comfort zone which in addition to being sometimes uncomfortable shows itself to be a real refuge.

If we want to grow, if we want to move forward, the only option is to act and therefore to take responsibility for the consequences of our actions. We will be able to take the facts and learn from them. As long as we do not give up this feeling of security and we do not face uncertainty, it is impossible to continue to know us.

As we see, the 5 liberties of Virginia Satir are a song of self-esteem. It is a set of statements that invites us to reflect on our personal value and on the authenticity of our relationships with others.

Put self-love into practice to be happy-se

The vital importance of self-esteem above all else. To be happy, it is necessary to think to take care of oneself before any other person. Learn more В "
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