The 5 best sentences of Ernesto Sábato

The 5 best sentences of Ernesto Sábato

Ernesto Sábato's sentences are frequently cited for intelligenceand the sensitivity they give off. It could not be otherwise with a writer who counts among the most read and most loved of contemporary literature.

Ernesto Sábato was born in Argentina in 1911.Interestingly, he studied physics before life led him to take the pathletters, domain in which he was consecrated. He was also a painter, essayist and one of the most lucid minds of the twentieth century.

” Reading will offer you a more open look at people and the world, and will help you reject reality as an irrevocable fact. This denial, this sacred rebellion, is the crack we open on the opacity of the world. It is thanks to her that can filter a novelty encouraging our commitment. "

-Ernesto Sábato-

Ernesto Sábato's sentences are pithy and wonderful. A whole world is locked up in each of them. There are several books gathering thoughts in the form of aphorisms, as in the case of The writer and the disaster. Here are some of his extraordinary statements.

1. One of Ernesto Sábato's sentences about the past

One of Ernesto Sábato's sentences says the following: "The presentengenders the pastHe declared this as a physicist, writer, and thinker: it is a profound and mysterious phrase that sums up the theory that we consider the present to explain the past.

We are talking about the past not as it was, but as we are feeling now.Memory is creative and fundamentally emotional. If we are in a bad period, we will probably choose to remember with melancholy or anger. If we feel good, our memories will come as a succession of evocations that led to something positive.

2. A man who sings

This is one of Ernesto Sábato's most beautiful sentences. She says : "The worldcan not do anything against a man who sings in miseryThis means that the greatest strength of a human being is staying fit, even in the most difficult situations.

Indeed, the strength of the human being is revealed in the most difficult moments. As Sabato says, if bad times fail to break her will, nothing in the world will succeed.

3. The greatness of goodness

Kindness is a complex and wonderful virtue. They are also difficult to define. We could say that it is a certain disposition to do good for others, to feel sorry for the suffering of others and to make constructive contributions from the heart.

One of Ernesto Sábato's sentences said about goodness: "Goodness contains tou the kinds of wisdomHe was absolutely right, we are not good of course.The one who manages to cultivate this virtue has certainly had to go through many difficult experiences, only in this way do we gather enough wisdom to be good by conviction.

4. Reading

Reading has amply marked the life of Ernesto Sábato . It is indeed reading that has led him to change the course of his life, to devote himself entirely to art and to philosophize on the world. So the Argentine writer has always insisted vehemently on the importance of reading.

In this regard, the following sentence states: "Read you will grow, boys, desire and the horizon of life. "The act of reading goes far beyond an intellectual experience, reading has the power to change the mind and emotions of the reader.As Sábato says, the perspective widens by reading, the look we let's take care of life too, we are never the same again.

5. What is a creator?

Creation is one of the higher functions of human beings. Inaugurating something new, in any field, is an event that marks a before and after. Sábato defines the creators as follows: "A creator is a man who, in a "perfectly" known domain, finds unknown aspects. But, above all, it's someone who exaggerates” .

It means that creativity is this ability to look at the world in a different way.This implies a process of observation and exploration, which does not go through strange worlds, but which is based on everyday life to go beyond appearances. This also implies an exaggeration because the creation gives great importance to the details. Indeed, she sees the world in superlative terms.

Ernesto Sábato is one of the most interesting writers of all that Latin America has offered. Mysterious, sharp and imaginative. Reading his work is a real delight.This is one of those creators that came into the world to leave an eternal imprint.

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