The 5 best sentences of Anthony de Mello

The 5 best sentences of Anthony de Mello

Anthony de Mello's sentences reveal an ecumenical thinker who knewseize with bige clarity the essential aspects ofthespiritualitycontemporary. He was himself a synthesis of various cultures and beliefs.

He was born in Bombay (India) but, unlike themost of his compatriots, was Catholic. He became a priest in the Jesuit order. Then he went to live in the United States, where he became famous thanks to his preachings and his books.

” The perfect love is modeled out of all fear. Where there is love, there are no demands, there are no expectations, there is no dependency. I do not require you to make me happy; My misfortune does not lie in you. If you leave me, I will not feel sorry for myself; I really appreciate your company, but I do not hang on to it. “

-Anthony of Mello-

Most of Anthony de Mello's sentences can not be integrated into a belief specific. He took elements of Eastern religions and mixed them with a message that was both Catholic and social. Though his thinking has been controversial by some, millions of people around the world have benefited from his teachings. Here are some of his most memorable sentences.

1. One of the most memorable phrases of Anthony de Mello

This is, undoubtedly, one of the most often quoted sentences of Anthony de Mello: "Happiness can not depend on events. It's your reaction to events that makes you suffer” .

As we can see, there is a strong influence of Eastern philosophies in this assertion. It reminds us that realities are not the origin of happiness or suffering. It only depends on the inner world. Therefore,the essential is in the response to events, not in the events themselves.

2. The others are a mirror

Another sentence from Anthony de Mello states the following: "You see the individualsand things not as they are, but as you areHe reiterates here that everything depends on how each individual is perceived, how his world is built.

This sentence reminds us of something about what psychoanalysis is about: theprojection mechanism.It is our gaze that shapes what we see.

3. This is enlightenment

Theilluminationis one of the concepts that is repeated again and again in the sentences of Anthony de Mello. It gives it a meaning similar to that of Buddhism. It is an awakening of the deep consciousness that allows us to come into contact with reality in a more authentic way.

In this respect, Anthony de Mello says: "Theenlightenment is: absolute cooperation with the inevitableIt is a beautiful way to express that lucidity comes from accepting things as they are, not only we have to accept them, but also to "cooperate" with them. let go of things and join their dynamic.

4. The contact with nature

The following sentence is a reflection on current life in cities. Anthony de Mello emphasizes: "When voyou are too far from nature, your mind dries up and dies, because it has been violently separated from its roots” .

This is very interesting as one of the main sources of stress in cities is precisely this lack of contact with nature. So that many contemporary therapies are moving to get in touch with other living things to heal.

5. Contemporary drugs

Here is one of Anthony de Mello's sentences that depicts several contemporary ills. He says this: "Approval, success, praise, valorization, are the drugs to which society has made us addicted, and not disposing of them permanently generates terrible suffering. "

The lucidity in this statement is surprising. Remember that Anthony de Mello died in 1987, so he did not experience the massification of new technologies. However, he already foresaw through the preceding sentence the new mode of human relations.He also warns against these new forms of addiction that only lead to suffering.

Anthony de Mello is much more than the author of manybestsellersThe clarity and goodness with which he transmitted his teachings made him one of the great guides of the world today.He was inspired by a deep faith in love as the source of everything, and by the belief that we can also change the world through words.

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